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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


CLIVE WILL SUE CAMPBELL... get in the queue Clive

So Clive bought his seats eh, Campbell? Well, didn’t you use Clive’s millions to buy your seats... before you told him to fornicate off that is? I think it’s called “democracy” Camp, ol’ son. You remember, that thing the ANZACs fought for? 

Actually, I too believe Clive is a goose, a clever goose, but you Camp ol’ boy, are just a plain goose. And you will last about the time your “undemocratic” VLAD laws will last in the High Court.

You may have the numbers but numbers breed arrogance and you didn’t earn them anyway... Anna gifted them to you.



What are They Plotting in Poland



Yes there is DJT but you and your like minded Liberal boofhead mates haven't got a clue how to figure it out.

Just watching Q and A . I am fucked if I want tax paying to educate those extremely rude scruffy students

Me I'm lucky,I distrust ALL politicians,so I'm never disappointed when they s**t on us,because that is what they do.The last politicians to do anything worthwhile for Australia were Joe Lyon and Harold Holt,by dying in office.


Who is this "Sue Campbell"?

Kev 08 Have you been mixed up with these morons, if not then don't call us who have been fools. The bikie laws were bought in because the judiciary were not doing their job. He bought the laws in to force the judiciary to do what they are supposed to do. So I call those who disagree with the laws fools.. Also the laws aren't just bikie laws it is laws to cover all organised crime.

It is all huff and puff.

Clive Palmer is all piss and wind! in the same announcement where he threatened to sue the Premier he used inflammatory language and accusations that if used against him, he would be threatening to sue!! Campbell is right to attack the Bikies, just because they ride once a year to the children's hospital with teddy bears does not make them model citizens. They are criminals in an organised crime syndicates, no more no less. They are not deserving of any support from the community. Palmer will fall in a heap, just don't be near him when it happens.

The job from hell " Being Clive Palmer's lawyer".

Big Clive, should not be having soooo.....many long lunches, too much food going to his brain !!

You have demonstrated your hate for Campbell Newman over and over again, Larry. It 's so obviously personal, it hurts. Here, in Queensland, we will fight to keep him as we'd rather cut our throats than have the Labour horrors returned. He's done everything - so far - we wanted him to do. All power to you, Premier Newman!

Totally agree dweezy. Get off your high horse Larry.

Only a complete fool would find Newman a hero with his bullshit bikie laws. There always was adequate criminal law to prosecute criminals. The legal industry chose not to use the legislation already in place, blame them for the lack of law and order.

Now here's something that really does need addressing - what measures will they put in place to ensure transparency for the Real Estate industry.
All they'll do if there's nothing is just tell buyers how much they think a place is worth and, with none of them disclosing prices, who's to argue that a 2 bedroom, fibro, renavotor's dream isn't worth $1million for its city glimpses (on a clear day, standing on the dunny, with the sun in the right spot to reflect off the skyscrapers).

This is the same industry that keeps telling governments that negative gearing and home buyer grants are keeping homes affordable and that if homes aren't affordable the market will crash and bring the economy with it.

They've all got mothers and fathers, pity they didn't think of them before shoving drugs into teenagers and then running home to cry to their parents when the big bad policeman nabs them.

"ONE of Campbell Newman's MPs says he went to police because he thought a Palmer party envoy was going to offer him an inducement to jump ship".

Mr Hart LNP was approached and asked: "What can I offer you to come across and join the Palmer party?"

Democracy, two wolves and one sheep deciding whats for dinner.

Mate I agree, if LP was wrapped up in the extortion racket that these bikies run as I have because of a relation, he wouldn't be sp anti CN. It seems your son, by reports, has been mixed up in some way but on the wrong side so therefore I see you as biased in this debate and I noticed that you screamed blue murder when he was arrested. Come on LP be fair.

Sooner or later clive's thin skin will be his undoing, sooner we hope.