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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Clive Palmer has lost his court battle with Nationwide News over the Hedley Thomas articles in "The Australian" with Justice Boddice throwing out Clive’s claims and awarding costs to the respondent. 

Palmer had claimed he had been defamed in a series of articles about his business interests.

Thomas with Adam Shand had written articles which carried the headlines "Palmer warns Chinese 1,000 jobs threatened if cash does not come his way", and "Letter shows bitterness of Palmer's China rift".

Palmer said he had been defamed because of the way the articles were written. His counsel submitted that it would lead an ordinary person to believe he lacked the judgment, efficiency, capacity and the competence necessary to manage his company, Mineralogy.

Palmer also claimed the articles suggested he was insolvent and that he had lied to the public and had made false claims about his wealth and that he lacked the capability, judgment and competence to make good operational decisions in the businesses of the companies he controlled. 

He also claimed the articles inferred he lacked the skill, capability, judgment and competence to ensure that a company, Mineralogy, of which he was in charge, had lacked the ability to operate the Port of Cape Preston.

In a separate article Palmer claimed he was portrayed as a cruel and hostile person who, out of intense animosity and extreme acrimony, was willing to put at risk billions of dollars of investment in Australia. 

Palmer had also submitted a suggestion he had threatened to disrupt commercial and political relationships between Australia and China was defamatory.

Justice Boddice disagreed with the claims saying none of the words was capable of conveying the defamatory imputations as claimed.

Looks like it’s now open season on the litigious Clive.






Basically I believe fatso is broke. I think he has been funded by the Chinese for years; his wealth has come from China. Every Chinese 'industry' is owned by the Chinese Government. fatso can rant and rail about the Chinese but they don't forget; this the country that holds the debt of numerous other countries.
Bribery is rife in China and anyone who wants to do business there has to "grease a few palms".
fatso has immense loans from China. His loans will be called in before too long - oops fatso how will you now support your stupid political party.

I remember he said "I never lose, because I am always right". Sucked in.

Clive is out of friends, now he has to recruit his family to field candidates in the QLD election.

What do you judge his arrogance on ?

Clive can spend millions on shooting the messenger, or he can just act with integrity and shut the critics up. But, as with Gillard, Thomson, Wilson etc. reality is only what you prefer it to be and when the delusion is challenged, go nuclear. I don't, but some people need to fear God to stay honest.

I take it the Beak doesn't read the Pickering Post because it is all here to read in black and white and DJT would make a star witness .

Hope he falls 'flat on his face', oops forgot that would be difficult for him to do.....

Palmer just won his Federal Court case so now the Chinese have to pay him the contracted royalties .

Newman and Deputy Premier in Qld are being sued. Hope he loses those as well.

who ate all the pies……..

You little Beauty, Made my day. About time he was knocked off his high horse. Think there is more to come.!!!

Hopefully Palmer is heading down the road to officially becoming Australia's Biggest Loser.

"Better. Better fetch a bucket."

Just proves their is a God and at least one of the Judiciary has a head on his/her shoulder that stands to reason.

Old Clive is making too many enemies! Soon there will not be enough new fodder to groom as besties!

OT. The 18 c 'stuff'!? There's an annual contest at Bond University, Australia, calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term. This year's chosen term was "political correctness".

"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority,
and promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition,
that: “It is entirely possible to pick up a turd, by the clean end."

What is depressing is that Jackie Lambie is deciding what laws she is prepared to pass. Now that is a failure of the entire political and education system. There is no point having an overwhelmingly Liberal government if Jackie can sit judgement of what is good for the nation. It looks like a double dissolution is becoming unavoidable. The only question is the timing.

A wealth of knowledge that has been found to be wrong time and time again .

Well.......had made false claims about his wealth and that he lacked the capability, judgment and competence to make good operational decisions in the businesses of the companies he controlled.
If you listen to the crap that he sprouts about what he would do if he were the PM you would know that he does not have the judgement and competence to management decisions for the companies he controls......
The Zeplins never eventuated....The Titanic will never eventuate and the PUP will be a one term wonder..........

Yes, people can think all of the things he believes, but the articles did not say so. If someone formed such an opinion based on probabilities and opinions and the facts as presented, that is a very different matter to libel. It might be true that he lacks the skill, capability, judgement and competence to manage Mineralogy. That is an inference anyone can draw including Clive.