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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Climate-Cooling Policies threaten Food Supplies

A warmer, wetter climate with more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would undoubtedly produce more plant growth and more food.

However climate-cooling policies that claim to prevent global warming by throttling the use of carbon fuels will definitely reduce food supply and increase food prices.

The promotion of ethanol for motor fuel is anti-food. This “food for fuel” program has absorbed significant quantities of corn, soy beans, sugar and palm oils. Consequently prices for ethanol crops are higher than they would otherwise be, encouraging farmers to convert land currently devoted to grazing animals and other food crops to growing more profitable crops for ethanol.

Extreme greens also practise plant discrimination, favouring more trees at the expense of natural grasslands and open forest that support many grazing animals. These polices take many forms including planting carbon credit forests, banning regrowth clearing, anti-development zoning and blanket tree protection reserves. All such policies reduce food production from grasslands.

Climate-cooling policies also aim to decrease demand for carbon fuels, including coal, oil, gas and refined motor fuels, by increasing their costs and prices. Modern food production is totally dependent on low-priced carbon fuels for all farming activities. Diesel fuels are needed for cultivation, planting, harvesting and transport; and coal/gas powered electricity for irrigation, processing and distribution. Higher prices for carbon fuels will send some marginal farms out of business. The same policies will reduce profits and production in the fishing industry. All of these policies are anti-food.

Modern food production needs nitrogen fertiliser, which is made from atmospheric nitrogen and natural gas, with carbon dioxide as a by-product. Extreme greens all over the world are delaying and opposing the exploration and production of natural gas, and their carbon taxes are increasing the costs of this key fertiliser.

Finally, climate-cooling policies favour silly schemes like carbon capture and burial, which aims to pump carbon dioxide underground. The promoters should be told that current levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are BELOW those that maximise plant growth and food production. The rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels was a major contributor to increased world food production over the last century. To bury this free plant food is not food-smart.

These unproven solutions to unproven problems are unlikely to change the climate. But there is a 50:50 chance that instead of warming, the globe may cool naturally, which will cause dramatic reduction in food production.

Food is not easily storable and supply and demand are always finely balanced. If natural cooling comes on top of all these man-made anti-food policies, the world will see cascading food shortages. 



What are They Plotting in Poland



Whatever Man does in this situation, it wont affect the outcome one way or the other. Get a load of the last Volcano, how much pollutant poured forth there. We can't compete with that.

I visited a relatively well off (financially) lady of 88 years in Canberra recently (Temp was about 4C). She was wearing two coats jumpers etc but suffering from chilblains and had a hot-water bottle for extra warmth. I noticed that she had reverse air-conditioning AND a wood burning stove. I asked why she did not use the available heating for her house. The response was: "I will only increase the effect of global warming". She has been so 'brainwashed' by those promoting the GW myth that she could not entertain the thought that there is any other view point. May you GW liars experience the same lifestyle that has been thrust upon her.

Latest satellite data indicates loss of Antarctic ice as well as from Arctic and Greenland. Just saying.

This article has an international audience and is on the Pravda ru website.

I hate ethanol and so does my car.

The VMT Tax: Big Brother Will Be Watching You Drive

Kinda related to this but .....................
AFTER seven months of passionate argument, formal hearings, quasi-litigation and wasted time, the Press Council is edging ever so slowly towards a final ruling on whether it will allow food writers to express an unqualified opinion in favour of eating kangaroos.

This is a case of national importance. It directly raises the question of whether eating Skippy is a concept that no Australian food writer will be allowed to endorse with impunity.

But it also raises the question of whether the complaint-handling processes of the Press Council are too easily captured by activists seeking to punish journalists who express opinions with which they disagree.

Thanks Viv. I only just now saw that. That is one of the most important posts from you. We must send this around!!!!

"Extreme greens all over the world are delaying and opposing the exploration and production of natural gas, and their carbon taxes are increasing the costs of this key fertiliser." Yes Viv and those extreme green pressure groups are funded by Soros and Vlad the Impaler.

Foreigners should not be allowed to own freehold land in Australia. 99 year lease max.

Bit hard to have a world war when everyone on the planet is starving. Civil wars based on unequal distribution of a country's food stocks would be far more likely.

Quite right Billy B. The government is having "two bob each way" to cover themselves for Global Warming.

Viv, please note it's not extreme greens who want to plant carbon credits, its Australia's Conservative Government. Unless we call a spade a spade we wont stop stupid policy.

All that the most optimistic Global Warmers have claimed is that reduction in CO2 output would limit global warming to about 2 degrees C!

They may look good in the field, but could be nothing but pulp when harvested. Trace element uptake may reduce rather than increase. "Eat up your veggies, children" may not be the best advice in the future. Quite right Viv, (Never thought I would say that), global cooling would be a complete disaster. But is it not the case that it would take thousands of years for CO2 levels to reduce back to their pre-industrial nunmber.

Why is there the assumption that if there is global warming, this will result in improved crop yields?

This could be the problem—Tritanopia is a very rare color vision disturbance in which there are only two cone pigments present and a total absence of blue retinal receptors. Blues appear greenish, yellows and oranges appear pinkish, and purple colors appear deep red. It is related to Chromosome 7.

Have been meaning to tell you, DJT, that - on the second attempt - received the book. Have now read it and it was excellent. Thank you for recommending same. Have you read "The Chilling Stars" - published quite some time ago but well worth reading - (Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Calder).

And while we know the above, the Greens sit in their inner city mansions, entertaining their fellow travellers and eating very well indeed. Have any of them actually grown a vegetable?

The rabid morons demanding global reductions in "carbon" are abysmally ignorant and thoroughly anti-human. Does that sum it up?