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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Climate Alarmists turn back the Clock

Three centuries ago, the world ran on green power. Wood was used for heating and cooking, charcoal for smelting and smithing, wind or water-power for pumps mills and ships, and whale oil for lamps. People and soldiers walked or rode horses, and millions of horses and oxen pulled ploughs, wagons, coaches and artillery.

But smoke from open fires choked cities, forests were stripped of trees, most of the crops went to feed draft animals, and streets were littered with horse manure. For many people, life was “nasty, brutish and short”.

Then the steam engine was developed, and later the internal combustion engine, electricity and refrigeration came along. Green power was replaced by coal and oil. Carbon energy powered factories, mills, pumps, ships, trains, and smelters; and cars, trucks and tractors replaced the work-horses. The result was a green revolution – forests began to regrow and vast areas of crop-land used for horse feed were released to produce food for humans. Poverty declined and population soared.

But new environmental problems emerged. Smoke pollution from burning cheap dirty coal in millions of open fires, old boilers and smelters produced massive smog problems in cities like London and Pittsburgh.

The solution was improved technology, sensible pollution-control laws and the supply of coal gas and coal-powered electricity to the cities. “Clean Coal by Wire” at the flick of a switch and “Piped Coal Energy” at the click of a gas-lighter, cleared the air. In some places use of hydro, geothermal and nuclear power also helped.

In recent years, however, affluent urban alarmists have declared war on the carbon dioxide produced by burning coal, oil and gas. They claim it is a pollutant and it causes dangerous global warming. 

The pollutant claims are easy to refute. 

The worst air pollution in the world today is the Asian smog.

Smog is very visible – but carbon dioxide is a transparent gas that is exhaled by all living creatures. Smog is air polluted with particulates and noxious gases – but there are no particulates or noxious components in carbon dioxide. Therefore carbon dioxide plays no part in creating smog. 

Smog consists of ash particles, unburnt fuels and noxious gases produced by the inefficient combustion of anything, usually in open fires or obsolete boilers engines or smelters with no pollution control equipment. Wind-blown dust and volcanic ash add to the haze. Modern coal-fired power stations with efficient pollution controls do not release detectable particulates or noxious gases. They can help to clear the smog of Asian cities. 

All gases in the atmosphere have an effect on global climate, usually a moderating one, reducing the intense heat of the midday sun and reducing the rate of cooling at night. But only in theoretical climate models does carbon dioxide drive global warming - real evidence contradicts them.

The unrelenting war on carbon fuels has far greater risks, with some zealots advocating “Zero Emissions”, while also, incredibly, opposing nuclear and hydro-power. They would take us all back to the BC Era (before coal).

Already urban environmentalists are polluting city air by burning wood and briquetted paper in stoves and home heaters; and trying to prevent millions in Asia and Africa from getting cleaner energy. Other misguided nations are clearing forests and transporting low-energy wood chips to burn in distant power stations. And the high costs of green energy are already forcing some poor people to burn old books and strip parks and forests for fire-wood. 

In addition, crops that once fed people are now making “green” ethanol to fuel cars, and native forests are being cleared and burnt to make way for more fuel crops. Our modern iron “Horses” are eating the crops again.

The use of carbon fuels in the production, fertilising, transport and storage of food has been a major factor in allowing the world population to grow by several billions since the industrial revolution. If climate alarmists succeed in turning back the clock, food and energy will again become reserved for the rich and powerful, and billions of poor people will die of starvation or exposure.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




Scientific truth and its real enemies today

That is because these ****wits have not gone for a walk on a still cold night and choked on the banked wood fire fumes as I have done repeatedly since every one his penis started buying those idiotic wood burning stoves.

I would ban coal on a health issue alone. Coal causes breathing problems in us humans. It really ought to be banned. As for climate change that is always going on not only on Earth but other planets. Interesting to note the planet Mars was heating up in the 90's like the Earth was but since cooled at the same time as the Earth. More to do with the sun than anything else. Chine will have an environmental problem with most of its population suffering from lung related illness in the years ahead. Lung cancer is their fate. Once that starts to happen people will rise up and toss the communists out of power. Already many in China are arking up over pollution. The cause of smog is mainly coal power stations. Solution is swap coal for gas and not coal seam gas which is a bigger environmental prob

Viv, a very well presented argument.
Perhaps that is what the ignorant urban environmentalists want: the decimation of the human population.

Greenies waste our money.

You can always take out a mining lease yourself.

Most of my green friends now have solar and wood heating. Massive amounts of wood consumed each winter. Gotta laugh. If they were really that concerned about AGW then they'd stop exhaling, wouldn't they?

Gremlins again!

All that inbreeding, Jai!

“Aussierod” says: “Vic Forbes - the guy that thinks mining companies own your land.”

This statement is neither true nor relevant to this post, but I will answer it for the benefit of others.

I was the son of a small freehold dairy farmer. My first real job was working for the mining regulators in the Queensland Department of Mines. Since then my life has been spent managing leaseholds for exploration, mining and grazing companies. And now my wife and I own a small freehold grazing property. I have seen all sides of the ever-changing laws on mining and farming rights.

Back before federation, in all countries that inherited British land and mineral titles (including USA and Australia), freehold landowners also owned most mineral, water and timber rights. Landowners were vitally interested in the mineral assets under their land, and many became rich on mineral royalties. This system was clear and fair and worked very well.

However, over the years, these valuable rights have been stripped away from land-owners and expropriated by avaricious governments. The last big mineral freeholds in Australia were stolen by Neville Wran in the 1980’s.

Governments now offer limited-term exploration or mining leasehold over these mineral rights under freehold and leasehold land. And now governments, not the landowner, collect mineral royalties.

In leasehold states like Queensland, government owns both the surface rights and the minerals rights. The landowner has a bit of paper signed by a politician giving him certain rights for a limited time to the surface soil and some water and vegetation. The explorer/miner has a similar bit of paper, also signed by a politician, giving him certain rights for a limited time, to the minerals under the same soil. Neither party has exclusive rights and neither party has the moral or legal right to lock-the-gate on the other. Freehold landowners are only slightly better off.

This unworkable system of overlapping rights is made worse when aboriginal rights, timber rights, vegetation rights, gas rights and water rights are partially or totally given to others. Politicians, especially Greens, are forever exploiting this unworkable system, pretending they support freehold landowners, but in fact scheming to stop most mining and farming.

I do not, and have never supported the seizure and gradual erosion of freehold land-rights. Blame politicians, not the victims, who are both farmers and miners.

You only own the first metre or so.

Tom foolery with temperature trends are highlighted in this article; methinks the great global warming con goes on.

Viv . You will be pleasantly surprised by an admission by our own "Department of Climate Change given to Ian Plimers questions on page 32 of the pdf . below . "Ice core studies have shown that during past ice ages CO2 levels only started to rise about 800 years after the initial temperature increase. This is because it takes about 800 years for ocean processes to transfer the initial temperature rise to an increase in atmospheric CO2. This release of CO2 as the oceans warm then results in further warming.

From the Government funded Bureau of Meteorology ... 2014 was Australia's third warmest year on record, See ... ... note graph with the Government stamp, if it were Company profits we all be pleased. Other headlines "rainfall deficiencies increase in western Victoria and southeast South Australia" its a good job the extra CO2 is counteracting the increasing dry spells.

One thing is certain: When Islam takes over (or is allowed to take over), human progressive through intellect, invention and action will cease.
Because Islam is counter-intuitive to intellect and progress. Nobody smart was a Muslim and no Muslim created anything that benefited society as a whole.
Since Islam is not a race, the principle becomes certain that Islam breeds stupidity, ineptitude, incompetence, dishonesty, dishonourable behaviour, criminality and paedophilia.
Much like being a member of the ALP.

We should only take the climate change and global warming/"carbon" dioxide pollution hysteria with a grain of salt until the day ALL the Greens senators, especially Milne, SHY, etc row their boats across Bass Strait from Tasmania to Melbourne and then spend a week or two cycling to and from Canberra for their Parliamentary sittings. If they are genuine, they will back their words with deeds. However, that day will never come - not before pigs can fly!

The only true wilderness is between a greenies ears.

Quote "We will have to pry their hands off the damn thing." Yes we do to quote Foreign Minister Bishop " The global cost of fossil fuel subsidies expanded to $544 billion in 2012, despite efforts at reform." See ...

If our LNP Government is leftist than you are correct mr bruce, Quote " Inefficient fossil fuel subsidies continue to distort energy markets and encourage wasteful consumption. The global cost of fossil fuel subsidies expanded to $544 billion in 2012, despite efforts at reform. Eliminating subsidies such as these would reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 10 per cent or more by 2050 so I think there should be more of a focus at the G20 on this aspect." ] from the Ministers own web site

Ha Ha Ha Its fossil fuel supporters who are muzzie supporters, renewable energy withdraws their financial support - alpinist you should be ashamed.Lap up their current cheap petrol as they are only trying to stop the US finally freeing themselves from the ME. They'll soon enough bring on a 1970s style shortage.