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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Clean Green Batteries?

Greens and technically challenged scribes apparently believe that battery-powered cars and planes are exciting new clean “zero-emissions” vehicles. 

There is little new about batteries – battery powered cars were running on British roads over a century ago - they were pushed out of the market by petrol power. 

Batteries just store energy made elsewhere and all have a finite life. Every battery needs primary energy and resources for production, recharging, replacing and recycling, and every step produces its own emissions. 

Batteries require lots of expensive raw materials - lead, calcium, nickel, cadmium, lithium, hydrogen, plus ancillary copper, steel, zinc, aluminium and plastic. All need primary energy like coal or gas for mining, manufacture, construction, recharging and recycling plus coking coal for smelting metals. Even wind and solar are not emissions-free once construction, maintenance, and life cycle replacement are fully accounted for.

All cars, even Green ones, need road maintenance using bitumen, concrete and diesel-powered machinery, all costing money and producing emissions. Green cars also need recharging stations, demanding more metals.

Batteries have an important place in our lives. But they are not “emissions free”.



What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Second point is who is going to love the increased costs of production and so the increased cost of electricity once every car on the road goes electric? Boiling the kettle and watching the telly will start to dent the power bills no doubt.

These points are lost on green drivellers who have their teeth stuck so far into their cause they cant come up for air!

Aw Viv. You bursting the GREENS BATTERY BUBBLE. lol

Jeez, wouldn't you hate to be on a plane if the the battery ran out !!! Merry Christmas and a happy safe new year to you, Viv. Many thanks for your articles this 2016. Much appreciated.

It snowed in Tassie yesterday! Damned Global Warming - it's confusing the lefties no end!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Viv ..... thank-you for publishing the truth about our global weather and its driving forces ..... exposing the climate change scam for what it is ... just rubbish science.

The truth will set us free !

Most certainly BK, vecchio and wingnut.

Coal is renewable. It started as solar energy, mixed with CO2, became wood, grew and absorbed more CO2, was naturally compressed, dug up, burned to release the CO2, so it can mix with more solar energy to become usable energy again. Just like a battery, it stores solar energy in a chemical form for use when required.

Can anyone give us some idea of what costs are involved to replace a set of electric car batteries, and dispose of the old ones ?

I love the electric car, although I cannot afford to buy one. If you watch the movie "who killed the electric car" you will understand what a great tragedy it was that the 90's experiment was prematurely terminated due primarily to political interference. If electric cars had gone into full production in the 90's, they would have taken over from today's gas guzzlers and battery technology would have surpassed even today's high standards. But the big advantage to going almost all electric is that we could stick a big middle finger up to the Arabs and say "You can keep your bloody oil and drown in the stuff for all we care". These parasites would then have to find some other means of financing their lazy, opulent life-style.

Viv, it would be interesting if someone could compile a total energy chart on a typical medium sized wind farm.

Allowing for fossil fuel required to complete earthwork on the site, building roads and infrastructure. Digging foundations. Mining, smelting and forming the steel to make the structures. Allowing for energy to manufacture and pour the concrete base and reinforcing steel bars, including fuel used to deliver it to site.

Allowing for all the energy costs associated with mining the raw materials and rare earth minerals to make the generator and giant fibreglass rotors. Allowing for energy required to connect power generated to the grid Etc. Etc. Including associated control equipment which has to be manufactured and installed.

And finally, allowing for the energy costs associated with de-commissioning the site after maybe 20 years, and putting the environment back to its original condition, including digging up and demolishing the concrete bases, and recycling the steel towers and generator components, as well as the rotors. Can anyone tell me wether a typical wind farm actually gives us a positive outcome during their design life?

None of the calculations I have seen so far, allow for the energy required on decommissioning the wind farm, once it has reached its designed service life.

This is evidenced by the rapid increase in numbers of disused old windmills, standing in the breeze as a monument to the stupidity of mankind.

Who is ever going to get rid of these eyesores? As more and more of these wind farms are now getting to the end of their design life, are there any efforts made anywhere to return the wind farm sites to their original condition?

I bet none of the Greenies ever ponder such questions.

Yeah it's damn cheap motoring for sure, using LPG. I worry about the locking up of our massive coal reserves only to use gas for power generation. Gas that could've powered millions of cars, wasted on making electricity when we have so so much coal!

When it comes energy, there is a cost. - "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another."

Toyota and Lexus hybrid battery is covered by warranty for 8 years or 200,000 Km.

Yes BK Renewable is as delusional as perpetual motion, the con of the past.

I will never use electric transport. I like my gas guzzling 3 tonne Patrol. It makes me feel good knowing I am pouring life giving CO2 into the atmosphere and demonstrating to the Greens and.and climate loops that they wouldn't know if the shithouse fell on them - brick by brick. We need more CO2 not less.

Using LPG my tired old 3.9 litre Falcon can get about 400km or so for around $40.

So we should not be closing coal fired power stations at all. But building more instead we export our abundant coal to China so they can make inferior goods to ship to us taken our jobs to do so too and who let them in - Labor when Hawke Lowered the tariffs. All that guff re we have to all work together when all the others say yes then kept the tariff on our goods entering their countries whilst we took it off in good faith - didnt play the game slow learners. Look at Eurrope and still we hear must take in thousands more from Syria. Nothing wrong in having home solar - I've got it just ready for battery on order to make it independent of cuts - but cant go all to renewables its not viable. Stupid Greens really why does anyone vote for them - they make little sense on policies or anything.

Look coal made this country what is was - strong economy based on cheap power. Since the Greens and the Left Labor idiots who cant run anything let alone Australia as no business experience as Trump rightly points out - you cant run a country if yo havent had experience in successfully running a business. And remember one politician who has, Pauline Hanson. She is in touch because of that common sense is missing in most pollies who all too often didnt even work in any business level but for a politician as staffer or as union rep on factory floor to union official to Parliament. No wonder they mess up all the time and waste money, cant buy anything without being ripped off by mates as in Gym halls etc Rudd style or Defence submarines planes etc.

They're all fooking idiots, Viv. And the money that's been waisted when families are living in their cars and thousands limping around needing knee and hip jobs, all based on an utter fraud, when in fact they have far more advanced technology to litrially light up the glob.