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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Carbon Dioxide is not Pollution

We should minimise human pollution of land, atmosphere and oceans.

But that has nothing to do with carbon dioxide from modern coal-burning power stations. No rational person could define carbon dioxide as “pollution”. It is a harmless, non-toxic, colourless natural gas that is the essential food for all plants which then produce food and oxygen for all animals.

Almost everything in coal was derived from plant material - burning it is no more dangerous than burning wood. Both will suffocate you in confined places, but when dispersed in the vast atmosphere their emissions are beneficial plant fertilisers.

Modern coal-fired power generators have extensive filtration equipment which ensures that the exhaust gases are harmless natural gases already present in the atmosphere – nitrogen, water vapour and carbon dioxide – all essential to sustaining life on Earth.

The smogs of Asia are not caused by burning washed coal in modern power stations. They are caused by burning everything else, usually in dirty open fires. They burn cow dung, wood, cardboard, plastic, paper, recycled oil, tyres, dirty coal, kerosene - anything available that will cook food, provide warmth/light or deter mosquitoes. Forest fires in Indonesia, cremations in India and dust from the massive Gobi desert all add to Asian air pollution. As do old worn-out boilers, furnaces, engines and power stations which can spew unfiltered exhaust gases, ash, soot and unburnt fuel into the air.

These all add to air pollution – carbon dioxide does not.

Fifty years ago, bans on open fires plus clean coal-fired electricity and piped coal gas solved the suffocating smogs of London and Pittsburgh.

The same will work wonders on Asian smogs today.


What are They Plotting in Poland


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Red Dog –
A Cement & Slag Receival Plant for part of the site:
Newcastle Herald Article 10 March 2013:

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Red Dog – I work in Newcastle and as I go over Stockton Bridge in the bus in the morning, I always put down my paper to take in the view. BHP is no longer, just an open space that is now starting to grass over, the sky is a deep blue and crystal clear, you can see for miles……beautiful!

that salient point about carbon dioxide needs to rammed down the throats of the doomsayers until hopefully they suffocate.

Reinds me of some of the females in ABC !!

Thanks Viv, at least someone is saying something intelligent in this useless tax debate. If we didn't have CO2 where would the oxygen we need to survive come from?

Too Right Cobber!
All Greenies to HOLD THEIR BREATHs for 24 Hours!

"Carbon Dioxide is not Pollution" ??????
Sure it is ya Mug! Prof. Flannery and Dr. Toyota said so!
They both also expire (Breathe OUT) the awful pollutant.
They are both going to hold their breath for 24 hours to protest your disparaging remarks.
THAT should help clean up the atmosphere!!!

CO2 is like many things in our environment. Very useful and also dangerous. Dangerous if you breath in an atmosphere of all CO2. You will,suffocate. By the previous Labor Govts standards, water is also a pollutant. If you breath it in or totally submerge yourself in it you will drown. Drink it in required amounts and it is life giving, like C O2 is to plants. Soot, sulphur dioxide and ash from the old coal fired power stations were serious problems. The CO2 never was.

Thank you, once again, Viv.

From Melanie Phillips blog debunking the theories

I lived in the London smog, but 50 years later the air is clean, there are fish in the Thames. Just took the Poms a while to work out the cause of the problem. Now that was real pollution !

It's a money grab full stop. If they were fair dinkum and believed that man was responsible they would be talking about population caps, but no they talk about the population of Oz being 50-60 Million in 2050, go figure. BTW population caps will destroy the debt based system that we live under, for banks to exist under the Fractional Reserve banking model - debt must constantly increase otherwise it's hello deflation.

Then we started to worry about what went down the drains into our rivers.
When I was a kid living on the Georges river on the December king tides we would get jelly fish (huge jelly fish) blue bottles all the way up the river to the Deep water motor boat club. There were shark that far up the river. That is a sign of a healthy river system. Thirty years later it was a mess, but subsequent legislation and solid policing by the EPA has made a hell of a difference. Even Cooks River in Sydney now has fish back in it. That is the results of direct action, not bull shit carbon taxes.

What a hell of a difference it made when back yard incinerators and burn off were banned

You've got to be dreaming if you think the sheep who believe Caton and Cate will believe the truth about CO2.

Caton and Blanchett no more believed it than you or I do. They just prostituted themselves for the money. Having trusted and well liked faces spruiking your message gives credence to the lie that you are trying to sell.

many years ago when we had small rubbish bins every body has a backyard fire to burn off all the excess rubbish. I thought at the time when the fires were banned how were to dispose of the excess rubbish?

Great article as always, Viv, and common sense .