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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



At my regular visits to hospital I always smile when I return to the multi-storied car park, owned mostly by wise investing doctors. I am confronted with large “NO SMOKING” signs on every pillar, yet there are at least 2,000 vehicles pumping toxic carbon monoxide into an enclosed area.

The current argument about being a fiscal ripoff at airports is valid, but this is a bloody hospital and if the medical owners were fair dinkum they would supply everyone who enters with a Syrian gas mask!

                                'I'm scared to park at the hospital', explains a patient 

Exorbitant Gold Coast University Hospital parking charges push this pensioner (above) to the limit. Parking elsewhere is forbidden.

Let me put it this way: If, after having discussed the matter in depth with Julia Gillard, you are even more determined to top yourself, the most effective course of action is to run a hose from your exhaust pipe into your car and leave the engine running.

Within 15 minutes you will be disoriented, in another 15 minutes you will be peacefully unconscious and in another 15 minutes a doctor from the hospital can pop over and pronounce you definitely dead.

                                    So, why the large “NO SMOKING” signs? 

                                 Wouldn't the above sign be more appropriate?                                                                    

I’ve tried closing all my car windows and lighting up a rollie… I could have sat there for hours, even days or weeks, without being even close to feeling disoriented, let alone peacefully unconscious or dead. 

So I asked myself what was more injurious to my health, a rollie or a carpark full of CO poison.

Then I decided it was better to ask the car park owners what was more injurious to their bank accounts.

Hmmm, now they don't like me.



What are They Plotting in Poland



Is it not a conflict of interest for a Mob of doctors to own the lease of a hospital carpark ?

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I have never signed anything when I attend my GP (Indian Dr.) so how does he get paid...easy, he just puts in a claim. How many of these does he and others do every day? What a croc of shit this system is. No wonder the County is broke. Between thieving Muslims on welfare and thieving Dr;s 60% of our taxs go down the zoonger.

Regarding medical rip off's. Have you ever attended one of those Medical Centres that seem to pop up like mushrooms, anywhere there is a population of more than two? I had to attend one recently for a simple procedure, 5 mins tops, my GP who I am certain was a student of Hippocrates cant do it because it requires a bit of electronic gear & wont have a bar of computers so I lobbed into the shiny new Med Centre. I got no bill, signed not one bit of paper so I don't know what it cost the taxpayers. I'm over 80 but far from senility which is a claim our government hasn't got so, how much is being ripped off by the honourable medical profession?

Another interesting thing -

Jet Engines run on Compressed Air not jet fuel

You, me, carpark. Now.

Unless you have a car that is 40 or more years older,or have a faulty catalytic converter there is NO carbon monoxide being emitted from your car. You will only kill yourself by piping exhaust gas into your car if you can stay long enough to run out of oxygen.

My mind conjured thoughts of you being pregnant

The big question is how much does the Qld Labor/Union Govt tax per car per hour , do the Doctors own the management rights or the entire building ?

How correct you are young Larry. For decades I have said that the exhaust gas from Diesel vehicles is more likely to cause cancer, than smoking a rollie, cigar or a pipe. Nobody agreed with me. I still maintain this, especially if you are in a heavy haulage vehicle workshop/garage.

There is no common-sense anymore. Nobody recognizes such a thing. It died long ago. So.....we have so-called greenies living in inner city mansions and driving gas-guzzling, polluting cars - and we have just what you have described above. It's all madness!

.....always follow the the crooks that is.....

I don't get it. At trade school gas analysers of car exhausts indicated only oxygen, CO2 and water coming from exhaust systems. Catalytic convertors are supposed to remove all the other harmful crap. Whats going on?

Well said Larry. Monetary hypocrites.

So Allbull's speech on Anzac Day in France once again lectured the Frogs on good old Aussie "mateship," a concept he hectored Trump with when he went to the States. Unfortunately it is a concept the greedy, lying psychopath has no clue about because he backstabs all his mates, JUST ASK BARNABY & TONY. The diggers he cites gave their lives for their country & mates but he wouldn't give 5 cents for his so called mates that's why he has none. Even Lucy is only there for the money & power just like Hillary.

Ipswich has declared certain areas as ‘hospital zones’. The two hospitals have limited parking, some free, so the local authority created lots of parking spaces, all metered. How’s that for community awareness or spirit.? There are other health care establishments in these zones. Medical appointments are rarely on time so to be on the safe side and not cop a fine, patrons load up the parking ‘meter’ for a long term ticket. If the patron is lucky enough to finish on time the metered space is effectively left with unused money/time which cannot be refunded or used by another patron, as could be done with the old parking meters. Council rip-off. What I do is neatly fold the unused ticket and put it in the ticket outlet of the collection/dispensing machine for the next person.

And when you are sufficiently brain-dead on the carbon monoxide, you then become a Labor-voter, voting "early and often", like all those other cadaverous gillard-lovers do.

It's the concentration. H20 can kill if your lungs fill up. Petrol is a friend. So is water.

One wonderful day the world will stop using petrol
Larry your concerns are very valid

I suppose the difference is,mate,that you don't take the car park home with you.