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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


C’wealth Games a bit of a joke

Look, I understand that it’s nice for disabled people have a competitive outlet, but to combine the Commonwealth Games, which is already a third-grade joke, with the ‘Bonkers Games’ is a complete farce.

I watched a bloke who was “intellectually handicapped” break a “world record” in a bonkers swimming event. He won by the length of the pool and I think the “world record’ was his anyway.

How the hell can it be possible to handicap a field of intellectually handicapped competitors? And even if that was possible, how the hell can any intellectual handicap be related to the ability to swim fast?

If people claim to be partially or fully bonkers, and decide they want to race each other, then surely PB times should be the governing handicap factor, and not the competitor’s presumed intellect.  

Any time below a certain level should make the competitor eligible only for the able-bodied events.

A velodrome cyclist was blind, so they stuck him on the back of a tandem cycle with his nose up this huge able-bodied bloke’s bum. After these two won, this little “blind” bloke never missed one of a dozen high fives! Of course there was no protest.

Only one quarter of the world is eligible to compete in the Commonwealth Games, therefore it has no rightful claim to be anywhere near the pinnacle of sporting ability. It becomes even more of a farce when the handicapped are included in the events.

Paralympic Games are separate from the Olympic Games, and they should be, but no-one considers the feelings of the poor little buggers who run a long last. They already know they are handicapped but now they need to know they can’t even compete with the similarly handicapped.

Look I don’t care if they have high jump events for people with no legs, pole vault events for people with no arms, or even piano playing competitions for people with no hands!

... but competitions for the intellectually disadvantaged should be restricted to Greens and PUPs.



What are They Plotting in Poland



The Brits have around 25 percent of direct foreign investment in Australia and still subject us to hegemonic influence via economic means. We really put Fiji offside via sanctions insisted by the British Commonwealth of Nations because the Fijians deigned to revolt against Indian influence in the running of their nation. It is long overdue that we opted out of the dinosaur British Commonwealth and ceased this taxpayer funding of sport which has becoming just another form of upmarket social welfare.

It's all so wonderful, that if the taxes confiscated didn't pay for it... It wouldn't happen. Like so many other events and spectacles, no one really cares and if they did they should pay for it. That would also cut down on the ten rentseeking bureaucrat scum per athlete who ride the gravy train.

there should be a no holes barred druggies games, I want to see a runner explode half way down the 100 metres,lol

Please. I've seen enough Ducks with broken wings in the lake in my time.

I think they are entered in the synchronised pouting and freestyle ranting pairs competitions and rated medal chances.

I think we see less of the major games events televised now than in the sixties or seventies. Apart from the swimming there'll be endless coverage of the men's and women's farnarkling and that's about it. I hardly bother these days as you never know when events are going to be broadcast either live or in replay.

I bags Marcel Kittel. About time some Germans other than the Royal Family got a look in at the Commonwealth Games.

Usain Bolt agrees with LP.

The tandem as it is run is certainly a bloody joke. IF they must continue with this farce, how about the guy up front just steering and the blind bloke doing all the work. As it is you could get a rated cyclist up front who could carry a total novice.

I think there should be special events for the gloriously pissed. Let's see the profoundly inebriated, cycle their way around the velodrome or sloshed javelin throwers and archers try to keep their spears and arrows out of the crowd. Can you imagine the drunk-as-skunk boxers trying to find each other in the ring? I think it would be a spectacle with such mass audience appeal, it would out-rival the Olympics. At last, an elite event where spectators could keenly identify with the athletes. People in pubs and clubs would feel at last they were a chance of qualifying as elite athletes. Contestants would be breathalysed to make sure they were pissed enough to qualify. I like it!

What really gets up my nose is hearing the "elite" athletes crowing about winning for Australia. Bullshit! They are competing for themselves. The whole shamozel is one big self indulgence. Who gains from some over-excited, pampered brat winning a gold medal? Not me, and I resent any of my taxes being used to fund their training. I couldn't give a damn if no Australian ever won another medal.

I agree with you entirely!!!

I must beg to differ with you in this instance Larry.
I strongly believe that any pursuit of excellence in any sport, is to be applauded, irrespective of their physical abilities. The mere fact of getting of their respective backsides, and striving for the personal best for some, and aiming for world records by others is to earn our respect.

This is more of a joke - more muslim outrage - Has anyone asked the wee doggies if they find muslims offensive?

The Games are a great opportunity for athletes to test their progress between Olympics. They are also much more fun for the competitors as the awful politics of the Olympics is missing. The para competitors are as much supported as the non disabled. Very disappointed in your unworthy comments Larry.

Nah, she could maybe do the pole vault??

Not one of your better articles Larry. I agree that the Commonwealth Games seems hardly challenging but should be separate from the disabled games. However referring to this as the "Bonkers Games" is tactless and tasteless.

This pales into insignificance compared to watching the intellectually impaired trying to run the country. That was truly excruciating.

Yep ... "Loose Lips" Lambie and that ignoramus SHY battling it out as to whom is more ill informed than the other ..... First prize, a bag of crap .. no prizes for second. What a pair of intellectual midgets they are.......

JC is John Citizen.