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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Every time I try to watch rugby league I doze off. Actually I couldn't give a stuff who wins what... I just like this headline.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




I am sick to death of "stata" it goes on for months and every news report is about somebody's sore paw or whatever bit hurts. Who gives a stuff?

AFL is shit.

I'm a cockroach, my wife is a cane toad. Every origin night, we have a little bet with a special prize for the winner from the loser. WIN WIN every time.

Love it.

Rub ya leg...........


Totally agree Larry, boring, boring, boring.

As good as Thurston is at playing rugby he would not get a kick playing Aussie rules.

Cowboys are to announce that JT will miss the rest of the NRL season.

Shoulder must be fucked.

smell me finger

Yeah......give them bread and circuses.........while our country goes down the drain.

We Queenslanders haven't had much to get excited about lately (anyone want a useless fucked up Government? going cheap) so give us a break and let us have a few moments of glory at least until the 3rd game. If there's a buyer out there for the Government, I'll throw in Johns and Fittler for nothing, they'd fit right in with this incompetent bunch of arseholes.

Rugby League, underwriting the economies of the Pacific Islands. At least it gives QLD something to get excited about since the economy is stuffed and going nowhere under another dud Labor Government. Come to think of it, dud governments are front and centre right across Australia. Look out Greece, Columbia, Nicaragua, Sudan, etc...we're going for No1 on the list of failed countries. Yippeeeeee.

AFL has sexual overtones if you ask me - players running around, kick and giggling, and always talking about behinds...

How come most of the so-called State of origin players in both teams look like they originated in Fiji or Samoa?

AFL, only game in the world that you get a point for missing , and you get a free kick for pulling on a jumper ! Pussies !!

Bugger the footy we might have bigger problems because in the media darkies from the african continent are being held captive so they say in their phone calls their captors are demanding ransom and they are torturing them and they are trying to get money ; I looks like a Nigerian scam.

I was in a country Qld pub recently and in walks a few old blokes , one of which I recognised as Alex Jezalenko (AFL Legend) . I said to the old shearer (local legend) I was drinking with "look over there Bill , that's Jeza , he's f**kin famous". Bill shot back "Who'd he shear for then ?"

Same here.
I lost interest when Murdoch introduced Super League and Norths got kicked out as retribution for holding out.
Go Kenny Irvine!

...oh...I don't know...I'm Victorian...VFL/AFL born and bred...I like Rugby I'm a quite a fan of American I need to get into the Rugby League they still confuse me a tad...anyway...seems like the Maroons are to good for the Blues too many times....