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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Blackouts Stalk Green Energy Utopia

It is 7pm on a cold, still night in the city which boasts “100% Green Energy”.

Thousands of electric cars are plugged into chargers; electric lights, heaters and TVs are running; electric stoves are cooking dinner, electric trains and lifts are moving late commuters and early revellers, and the pubs and clubs are busy.

The hills bristle with turbines, but there is no wind and not one is turning. Every roof is covered with solar panels, but there is no sunshine and the panels are fast asleep. The green city is facing peak electricity demand . . . on batteries.

But for several days, clouds have shaded the solar panels and there has been no wind to turn the turbines - the battalions of batteries are running out of juice. One by one they drop out. The street lights fade and the city goes dark.

In this green energy utopia all the wicked coal-powered generators have been demolished, exploration for gas is forbidden, no one dares to mention nuclear, hydro schemes have gone (replaced by “Wild Rivers”), new hydro developments are stalled by green lawyers, and diesel generators are banned.

There is only one problem with this green perfection.

When the city wakes to another cloudy windless day, where will its electricity come from?




What are They Plotting in Poland


The City of London considers climate change to be the most serious threat facing the world’s environment, with significant impacts on the world's social and economic well-being.
Our work in this field focuses on three areas:
• We are working to ensure the City will adapt to climate change
• We are working to reduce emissions
• We support emissions trading and carbon finance
If you are interested in finding out more about climate change you can find some useful information at these websites:
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Highest Electricity Prices: Australia, Denmark and then Germany ... BACKGROUND: As a whole the EU uses about 50% thermal, 25% nuclear, 12% hydro, 10% wind, and 4% “others”. The breakdown by generation source is graphed here .....

India Has Almost Finished World’s First Advanced Thorium Nuclear Reactor
India’s nuclear scientists expect to complete an experimental fast breeder nuclear reactor in Kalpakkam by the end of 2017.
The Kalpakkam reactor will generate 500 megawatts of electricity by using the element thorium instead of uranium. The only other commercial fast breeder nuclear reactor in history is located in Russia, but this uses uranium instead of thorium. Fast breeder reactors would revolutionize nuclear power because they’re capable of generating more nuclear fuel then they consume while generating less nuclear waste.
Read full article:

Divide your total electricity bill by the KWH used t produce cents per KWH, mine is about 23 cents, not the 39.1 cents they were talking about.

Should be renamed, Black Energy, not Green Energy.....Just do what the Homosexuals did when they called themselves Gay to become less offensive....We need the Climate change Realists to find positive, progressive sounding names for our natural resources in order to change public opinion and undoing all the Lies that have been thrown at them by Gore and co....Stop defending and Attack....

The ultimate irony of the cartoon is that watt-for-watt, the candle produces a lot more carbon dioxide emissions than coal.

In bold and certain defiance of “the great and the good” who continue to proclaim “Global Warming” to be “settled science,” author M S King aligns himself firmly and proudly in the camp of what the media refers to as “climate change deniers.” What separates this work from that of so many other excellent books and documentaries which debunk the hoax of manmade “Global Warming” is that it provides a complete picture of the scam – one that not only encompasses the Fake Science, but also ties it into the public relations component and the historical geopolitical context which drives the “Climate Bogeyman.” It is self-defeating to “respectfully disagree” with the warmists. Any respect afforded to that crowd implies that they, in the words of one “denialist” film maker, are “not evil, just wrong.” To hell with pulling punches! These people need to be called out. Now there are indeed many innocent fools and dupes, including some scientists, who, under the influence of propaganda and “expert” authority, have obediently swallowed the dogmatic dung of “Global Warming” -- aka “Climate Change” -- and actually do believe in it. As for the inner circle movers and shakers behind the great scam; these EVIL conspirators know exactly what they are doing and they need to be placed on the defensive and called out not as fools or merely sloppy practitioners of science, but as the criminal hoaxsters that they and their invisible handlers truly are. Let’s unmask this gigantic fraud.
. bogeyman

80 Litres Of Diesel An Hour: MICHAEL OWEN
Generators the SA government is buying to prevent blackouts this summer will use 80,000 litres of diesel an hour.

This scenario would not arise if most of the greenies were somehow ded. Hohoho, what a bottle of wine does to a person's thinking! Not to be taken seriously.

I can imagine the command from the captain of our new to be delivered in 50 years with the help of this Energy Utopia state SA. After being submerged for 5 hours the Captain will say "Take us Up, we need to run topside for 8 hours, deploy the wind turbines" First Mate what time is it? 2200hhs sir OK then don't bother with the solar panel deployment" "continue on present course to oblivion" i i Sir.

Connect their wanking hand to a generator....!
Problem solved.

My dog is my truck companion, luckily I don’t smoke as his methane production is enormous. I try to do my bit with the window closed but alas I have to give in. If I didn't open the window and change my climate I think I’d die.

SOUTH Australia now has the most expensive electricity in the world providing a powerful incentive for households to install solar systems.
Carbon and Energy Markets director Bruce Mountain crunched the figures and found South Australia’s power is three times more expensive than in the US and 50 per cent higher than the UK.

Maybe South Australia will be one of the libtard experiments that proves useful because the madness will stop in Adelaide, not like multiculturalism that has us on an unstoppable path to Doomsday.

I love my electric conveyance, it's called a mobility scooter. It's all I can get to drive these days, air conditioned of course, conditioned to the prevailing conditions, f---ing freezing!

The desperate Labor SA government is now buying jet aircraft engines which will be run on diesel to drive large electricity generators. They will be housed in the old GMH factory at Elizabeth SA. The Tesla Battery Bank guy has now criticised the SA electricity grid and the patchwork of generating systems that made it unstable. No doubt he can foresee Tesla being blamed when the batteries prove to be ineffective, a bandaid solution.

Electric cars were once common. Edison is pictured with an electric Studebaker. Grandma Duck drove an electric. Women liked them because they didn't have to be crank started. Milburn were a big maker of electrics and Woodrow Wilson's Secret Service detachment used electric Milburns. Range was the problem and they disappeared in the 1920's. Revived in wartime France. Stella made a passable electric in Lyon for Vichy Govt service.

I read a clever comment that electric cars are designed to get cars running on coal

Viv. Reality will hit these bed wetting dreamers hard. They reap what they sow. A solution - Light up a greenie and then plant it.