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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



It’s astonishing just how liberal these Nuoveau Liberals have become. One would think only Gillard could have shut down a whole industry because of an ABC expose on cruelty to animals. Yet NSW’s Premier Baird has just done the same thing instead of attempting to reform cruelty in a tax paying industry.

I have never had an interest in a racing dog yet to me they appear to be ripper animals that would eventually make ripper pets.

Never has a retired animal received more abuse than a gentle, people-loving greyhound. 

But if horse racing is the sport of kings then dog racing is the sport of the king’s lowly subjects. 

To shut down an industry that supports thousands of devotees for no reason other than pressure from animal rightist and Green groups is a lunacy that only a Nuoveau Liberal or a brainless Gillard would consider!

But there ya go... Baird has gone and done it, and without thought for those who love and care for these dogs and those who can only afford to risk $20 on an 8 race meeting once a week. This is not the Liberal Party I grew up with and neither is the one in Canberra.

Suddenly I have become apolitical.        



I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits

Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?


How long before this idiot backs down?

What a fool is Baird . . Not much thought went into this decision. To have the RSPCA getting involved after both failed their own duties , is an admission. >NO more donations for them in future to fund destruction of a battlers Industry.

Baird will go the way of Gillard at the next election

So how many dogs are killed across Australia in the dog pounds? How many male chickens are killed in the poultry industry. Animal cruelty? So are people saying that killing animals is not cruel but everything leading up to their death is cruel. Knocking them on the head is cruel but euthenasing is not cruel. The anomalies in the animal cruelty argument are mind boggling. Food chain animals have one overriding right. The right to be eaten.

Australia is missing an enormous export opportunity here. They eat dogs in China.

I don't like Baird ... but the Greyhound racing belongs to the 19th Century ... as does boxing

It was great fanfare for the uneducated masses in unenlightened times ... long before TV, internet and social media .. it was about betting .. gambling ... no lotto then

The breeders and trainers are mongrel people ... pardon the pun

If "Apolitical" means that you hate all of the lying, self seeking shit covered arselings, then I'm for it as well. The Australia that I grew up in and love does not exist anymore.


Isn't there a dog track near the city? How much would that land be worth? Who gets their hands on it?

You and many others..Apolitical is about all that's left in Australia.

Under what point of law can Baird impose the ban?

If this is still NSW Liberal Party policy by Xmas I will walk to Wentworth Park naked. It just will not happen. Baird is going to feel awfully embarrassed by this piece of stupidity to appease a minority who would never vote Liberal anyway. Baird seems to be doing an Abbott. That is, governing only for those who don't and would never vote for him.

What a credible report done by the ex High Court Judge McKee. Isn't this the same degenerate ex high court judge that supported beastiality in a book he wrote in the 70's?

Larry, your header with 'does a Gillard' in the title, my first thought was that your story would talk about when she pulled that distraction of the 'darkest day in sport' subterfuge with the AFL/NRL.
Had forgotten the disaster that was the shutdown on live exports.

Oh dear the ABC. Knee jerk reaction. There will always be those in any sport that don't do the right thing. Why punish those that do the right thing. Is this not always the problem? Punish everyone. I wonder who Baird had to bow and scrape to over this silly decision.

Clearly dogs are bred to perform , non performers are killed, sadly. But cattle , sheep , fish etc.etc. are also bred to perform and they are knocked off on matter what ! Where do we draw the line with sensibility ?

He is Banning dog racing to keep the Muslims happy since they ummm dont like dogs ,but is Animals Australia going to pay to Euthanise the now useless dogs ?

Isn't there a dog track near the city? How much would that land be worth? Who gets their hands on it?

While i have no problems about dogs racing one another , the issue is about the inbuilt cruelty of breeding animals for sport, dogs like chooks or cats have litters, but only a sall number are ""usefull "" to the owner, in the case of the chooks, they grow and get eaten, the problem with cats is so big that the RSPCA and other people kill thousands every year, but what to do with dogs, i suggest birds are also killed if they dont perform or fly fast enough, even goats , kangaroos, pigs, horses, foxes,etc etc in the wild breed in large numbers and need to be culled,so what to do with the excess,the problem is too many dogs,how we control the number is the problem, indeed dogs apart from dingos could be classed as feral animals.,

What's the bet this move by Baird is a disaster for the dogs they think they are protecting.

When Baird proposed an increase in the GST without a corresponding reduction in income taxes - effectively increasing the share of the economy confiscated by government, I was shocked that a so-called Liberal could actually want that and realised that Baird is no classical liberal, but a liberal in the modern American sense - a social liberal. When he stated that he was going to make NSW the Australian 'California' - in its embrace of uneconomical and unreliable wind and solar energy, I began to realise that we were dealing with an out-and-out mole. When he appointed the radical leftist Mark Scott, who’d turned the ABC from a mismanaged lefty media outlet into a full-on radical-left political propaganda machine - as head of the NSW Education Dept, it was the last straw and I knew we had to fight him like we fight the Greens. Now this. NSW Libs better get on notice: either do what’s right and dump this far-left impostor, or take the electoral consequences. You’ll be voted out at the next election. The Left’s ‘Long march through the institutions’ has been successful beyond their wildest dreams: their program of infiltration has even taken over the Liberal Party. Not for long! Either get Baird out or you’ll be out yourselves, NSW Liberals.