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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Back to Bolted-Down Industries

Once upon a time Australia was attractive to processing, refining and manufacturing industries using our abundant mineral and food resources, our reliable low-cost coal-fired electricity and a workforce trained in technical skills.

No longer.

           Last SA coal-fired power station gets blown up (so it can't be repaired).

Australia used to have 11 oil refineries, spread around the country. There are just four left, all over 50 years old, and all in danger of closing down. Green barriers to oil exploration have forced most of them to rely on costly imported crude oil.

Now, for the first time in at least 60 years Australia no longer produces motor vehicles.

China and India have about 430 coal power plants under construction but Australia has not built a single coal-fired power station for seven years - some politicians even rejoice when they manage to close and demolish one.

Brisbane’s new trains are being made in India, Victa mowers are made in China and most coastal shipping died decades ago. Steel works and refineries producing aluminium, copper and zinc are under stress. All these industries are being pushed overseas by costly unreliable electricity and other government barriers and burdens.

                                      A destructive Australian Green species

Red-green policies being pushed by all major parties are making Australia more dependent on bolted-down industries such as mining and farming that can’t be sent overseas because their basic resources are here. And green opposition to nuclear power increases Aussie reliance on coal.

                                  Even more destructive Parliamentary species

A century ago Australians relied on wool, wheat, gold, silver, copper, lead-zinc, butter, beef and timber – all products of bolted-down industries.

Red-green policies are pushing us back to those days. Politicians need to remember Newton’s Law of Bureaucracy – whenever the government tries to use the force of law to achieve economic goals the long term results will be equal and opposite to those intended.

So in the long run, red-green energy and environmental policies will make us more dependent on the industries they now attack – mining, farming, forestry and fishing.



What are They Plotting in Poland



Another nail in the Coal Coffin

Senator Bernardi to lift nuclear power ban
November 13, 2017

Australian Conservatives founder Senator Cory Bernardi will introduce a bill in parliament today seeking to lift bans on nuclear power plants and nuclear enrichment & processing facilities.

Senator Bernardi will introduce the bill today in a valuable step towards a nuclear fuel cycle in Australia, stating that his Nuclear Fuel Cycle (Facilitation bill) is about opening the door to an industry that could be providing cheap, abundant, and reliable power to all Australians.

"The Senate shut the door on a nuclear energy industry two decades ago in a highly regrettable, economically, and some would argue environmentally, destructive act at the Greens' behest," said Bernardi.
"It is time to embrace opportunities that the nuclear fuel cycle offers Australia. We are blessed with abundant uranium... We should not just be exporting, but processing uranium for our use".

"(The proposed legislation) will send a powerful signal to the world that we are... open for an Australian nuclear industry" states Senator Bernardi.

The Australian subscribes can read more here.
Billy B Wed 22 Nov 2017 05:40:45 am

One or two nuclear generators will see the end of coal
One on the Mornington Pen and another up in Cape York should supply more than enough
base load
PHON left in the dust again

I hope all these things are clear in the minds of those wanting to change Australia into a Republic. I think that every time one hears the proposition the foot should go down and reject the proposal out of hand until we have a completed Bill of Rights ready to append unamended to a new Constitution also formulated and agreed by referendum before any declaration is made. I think the days of believing and trusting Politicians is over. For instance, Politicians should not be able to sell public assets. They are elected to manage our assets not sell them. Foreign ownership of land should not be allowed. General elections should be able to be forced by 250,000 petition. (we need this right now).No more money spent than is collected...not one cent. No Public Servant can earn more than a Minister. Politicians want change only to confer more power on themselves. Beware the wolf in sheeps clothing.

Among the faces of the loony Left you missed Turnbull, Pyne and others, we are in deep shit because all of the majors have moved hard Left and are focused on mirages rather than reality and frighteningly many of the too stupid to think public are supporting that Loony Left mentality.

Bottle recycling con job and ripoff screwing bottling /juice drink companies BOYCOTT this 10cent refund ripoff ,sending bills to small business $35000.00 bills etc something that could have only been dreamed up by a Thieving Hymie

Cam says:
November 19, 2017 at 3:57 pm
The entire Ontario power grid could only power 193,600 Tesla’s per hour with nothing left over for anything else. Considering there are over 8 million vehicles (cars and trucks included) in Ontario, it’s pie in the sky thinking that electric cars are the future without a massive nuclear build out. You would need about one and a half full grids just to power the vehicles.

Squidly says:
November 19, 2017 at 4:33 pm
Oh, but Tony, you’re forgetting about the golf carts!!! … don’t power cars, power golf carts!!!

I know some one who has one of these electric cars. When he comes to our camps he has the cheek to charge the batteries from the camp building. It is a state school owned camp. So he thinks he is so smart having the taxpayer pay for his fkn fuel. Arsehole. This is typical greenie attitude. Let the taxpayer pay for all their fantasies..

Tesla USA has displayed their new concept electric semi-trailer truck. It seems that the batteries would reduce income earning cargo capacity to bankruptcy in no time level and for the estimate price a contractor could buy a few diesel engine trucks. But again, where would the electricity for recharging come from? And what about the fuel needed to fuel power stations, because wind and solar certainly can't cope with grid demand as it is. Worldwide less than 1 per cent of electricity comes from wind and solar systems.

How do I find a Post I have written in reply to one of you , the history box only lists those posts that have replied to me and everyone else who has replied to someone else . Larry ! would it be possible to include a history box in our personal section of what we have written so that we can skip back to that thread to add content to that subject matter like for instance I would like to read Comrade Blount's reply to when I informed him of Brunswick being the cosmopolitan crime capital of Melbourne and I wanted to read his latest tantalizing reply on that subject but I can't find it .

With the ever increasing influence of the mindless left / communist element in the Greens, they are now referred to as 'watermelons'. Green on the outside, red on the inside.

Brown and Rhiannon look like sisters

I could see this coming years ago, when Imbecile politicians started this crap of we are part of Asia and that is where our economic future lays. Problem is, we could not back then, or even now compete with their in exhaustible supply of cheap labour and we never will. Even if everybody took a 75 % pay cut, we still couldn't compete.

True, but the majority of ignorant Australians that keep voting them into power is the real problem.

If dairy farming is an example of what was once a "bolted down" industry then times are going to be bad - real bad. For as long as I can remember the Lauke Flour Mill in Strathalbyn has existed but now Woolworths won't agree to a measly price rise for their products and is cancelling their range, or were until the powerful CWA stepped in over their Lauke CWA scone mix. Woolworths have agreed to stock that but how many more items for the home baker? It's good to have low shelf prices - until the supplier of the item has gone bankrupt and shut down. This is happening to at least one farmer or food industry business every day. It will end when there are no food items on shelves. Then the prices will skyrocket for inferior overseas items. We are very short sighted.

I think the UN just want to impose a freeze on our Resources, so when they take over 'Officially", they will be able to offer them to the World like a good Big Brother should.....While Australians starve in the corner, begging for heating oil....

There is a bright spot ahead- if ON could gain ' balance of power ,' in QLD , they could demonstrate that the Green / Red traitors can be destroyed. Get behind ON people , like 'em or not , it's a chance to change things !

So, why aren’t WE building”More”COAL fired power plants in Australia?Could it be,because WE have a bunch of”Cowardly,Lying,Do Nothing,Career Politicians”who are too scared to stand up to the GREEN monsters and the UN?

Idiotic governments have rendered us industrially powerless! We'd be a pushover for even any pipsqeak aggressor. Don't bet it won't happen!

Engineering advice recently to the UK Government, they have plans to convert the vehicle fleet to electricity in the not too distant future, fossil fuel burning vehicles already being banned from cities or penalised, warns that supplying electricity to keep a fleet operating would require new generating capacity equivalent to covering every part of Scotland with wind turbines, towns, villages, farms and forests. Of course that would be impossible and wind turbines are not reliable or cost effective, but the engineers have made their point.

You've nailed it again, Viv. The criminal trio you have shown above, should be headed for the gallows.