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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Australia leads, or is close to leading, the World in ball sports. Cricket, Rugby, Rugby League and if any country is game to take on our worst Aussie Rules team they’d be slaughtered.

So why would anyone get excited about our ethnic game of soccer when the only team we can field is the World’s 34th best? Crumbs!

"A" League they call it. Bloody hell, at 34th there aren't enough letters in the alphabet to denote its rank.

And what does that say for club soccer? Blimey thank God the stupid game is over for the season! 



What are They Plotting in Poland



in my youth my family wanted me to play AFL - but I refused when I saw my sister break a fingernail during a game once.

Modern equivalent for Gladiators of Ancient ROME.
Same basic principal is to give the Dumb Population something to occupy their brains whilst the Government does whatever it likes. (BIG BROTHER)

Thumbs up to that!

I'm not sure about the picture. I thought that the taste of the girls (who fall down and cry if someone swipes the ball from them) would be way more gaudy and tacky while being far more expensive a brand.

Bloody boring football . . . the whole world's out of step with Victoria.

Notice how Aussie rules fans get upset when we outcasts hit back . It's all in fun guys

Larry didn't draw the handbags he stole the pic off the internet . As I said this is all garbage talk but if you enjoy it go ahead as I can't help it either . Not sure where the contest is but if you old pensioners see it as a contest go for it

The bald-headed dude doesn't seem too concerned about the family jewels.

Heard some official claim the other day , that it is only a matter of time and SOCCER will be the No 1 sport in OZ. Maybe the Islamists are going to make us watch it;

I love Larry's form . He knows what he is doing when he posts an article like this one . He suckers us in and then sits back laughing his head off and watching us argue over nothing . All in fun I say

Brian . The poms are the trouble makers at soccer matches throughout the world . As to my sissie comment let's be clear on this . Larry and others were asking for a reaction and they got it . If you want to carry on the stupid argument mate I am happy to do so but realise one thing . We are both talking garbage on this I am tougher than you thing but for the sake of a having some fun lets go for it

So help me if I have to watch ANY sport of ANY sort......god I hate sport......

It was called football a long time before Aussie rules was invented . I am not sure but I think it took on the name soccer more so in Australia to differentiate from Aussie Rules. Question for you poida48 . Why is Aussie rules not called "handball " as handball is a big feature of the game ?

Futsal is an indoor soccer game that seems to be gaining momentum in Australia and the rest of the world.

Courting controversy Larry? Football in a straight jacket!

well like it or not it is the biggest most widespread game in the world. I like the world cup and appreciate the skills of some of the players... But having said that I get turned off by the biased referees and linesmen. Then players taking dives and professional fouls just confirms it is big business and sport comes a distant last.

Isn't it wonderful that our media will trumpet the virtues of a sport that none of us really give a shit about. Round ball soccer belongs in the Northern Hemisphere. We don't play it here at the right time of the year. And the media will try to push it because, like everything they put on TV these days, there's a perceived buck to be made.

VFL really is crap.

Larry this is one of your dumbest articles yet . Are you trying to make enemies mate ?

At least there are some good soccer games, no such thing with AFL. AFL players are either bogans, prima donnas, or dark and fragile. But all of that aside, they are all legends, champions, or stars, and if they aren't, they are rising stars. Makes me puke. And the only reason journo's write about AFL is because they aren't smart enough to put a real story together.