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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



The track was green, the clouds were low and the Pom quicks were sending down unplayable thunderbolts. The team that batted first was a gonner.

But Sky Sport’s resident critic, Rebecca Wilson, was already espousing the reason for Australia’s run total of 60. “The players had their families with them”, she claimed with some authority. How can Australia’s cricket dominance be defended in between romantic dinners for two and changing nappies?

Hate to tell you Rebecca, but the dominant Poms also had their families with them... we were playing them at home!

Perhaps the Aussie families were sent home prior to Steve Smith and Chris Rogers sharing an unbeaten 259 run partnership to help thrash a defenceless England in the second Test?

What a load of frog droppings! The reason our batsmen failed is that the conditions were reversed and all but Clarke had decided to nervously defend by poking at unguided missiles.

Most wickets are lost when defending, not scoring.

Even "Footy Show" hosts, Fatty Vautin and Peter Sterling, have refused to work with Wilson, claiming "She brings nothing to rugby league" and that she is a "liability".

Rebecca wants booing banned at AFL level. The booing reaction to Adam Goodes’ racist antics almost brought her to tears as she roundly condemned the bogan crowds for expressing their dislike of Goodes the football player.

Get a proper job Rebecca. Your silly rants and abrasive personality were lost on most viewers years ago.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


How in hell can anything that happened last night have anything to do with what you do with a cricket bat 11 hours later? Did our cricketers leave their wives and girlfriends during the Ashes series in Australia last year? NO, they did not. What a lot of tosh...

Obviously got her position through "affirmative action". No talent - just the numbers.

Sorry Larry, I have to agree with her. They are supposed to be going to work not on a family junket. Not many on here take their families when their going away for work.

She is right on both points.

She and Adam Goodes can just go and retire from sport together. They are an embarresment

This Wilson women it a bit of a no-all. (Jack of all trades but a master of none.) We are bombarded with piffle on the Television. (Its been happening since it was introduced in the late fifties.) Time filling (Wasting.) Drivel...

Nepotism. Her father was Bruce Wilson, a senior News journalist.

No probs Gazza. Take care and start looking after you!

A pretty fair summation of the state of play from the SMH:

And if Labour get back into power, I believe that the CFMEU will create havoc on all building sites. I know of one company that hubby subcontracted to, who shut down when Rudd won the 2007 election. He didn't want go through the horror of it all. As far as I know, he is now doing small Reno jobs. Hubby said, that if you can, stick to the small building companies, like Tydan Constructions. They were fantastic and always paid on time.

I know how you are feeling Gazza. The sleepless nights, wondering how you are going to get through the next day, let alone the next week. When hubby came to the conclusion that it was all over, he finished all the contracts that he could, got in what money he could and then stopped trading. We were put into administration by a supplier a month later. We were advised by the liquidator that we went to, that because court proceedings had all ready started, we may as well let that particular supplier pay for the liquidation. I still don't think that it was good advise for us to go I to involuntary administration. At some point Gazza, you have to think about what is best for you, your health and your peace of mind. The construction industry is not going to get any better for quite some time.

Too much money for a not very special skill and a bit of luck. We need to get pay back to reality, fifty thou PA is about basic, does any individual need/deserve more than say twenty times that reward for a years "work" in any field? The World has gone mad!

Troll Alert! Don't feed the troll.

Suppose you normal? more like abnormal !

She is nothing but a fishwife. A common hussy. Just like an even rougher version of Juliar.

Y did U then? Ha Ha!

Get women back into the kitchen where they belong.

Hubby just said that he had been threatened like that as well, on a number of occasions. He doesn't think that it actually happened though. He got charged for coil that turned up late to a job and that was because the supplier (a very large well known company), lost it over East. They are charging you because they are not making anything profit on the job. They go in at below cost, win the job, then screw you, the subbie. I'm glad that you threatened them and they dropped thier cleaning charges. The company who took over the Cockburn job from Gavin, threatened hubby with cleaning charges but we wnt broke, so I don't know what happened. 45k! They are real €£€%#^! How on earth are you coping with it all? When we left, I remeber you saying that you had, had a gutfull.

Your not missing anything.

Two comments 1) It was one innings 2) Goodes has learnt his lesson.