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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Josh Frydanegg has shown he is equal to the Libs’ best brains with an offer to pay out $36 million to those who reduce their electricity usage during peak periods.

The only people unable to take advantage of this wonderfully creative offer are those who stay in bed to keep warm and get into fights with their cat over its Whiskas rations.

Naturally the Point Piper neighbours of PM Turnbull will be able to take full advantage of Frydanegg’s generosity because they haven’t so far felt the financial need to save on any bloody thing. This bloke is a reincarnation of Philip Lynch.

Bite the bullet you bastards, dump the RET, and stop worrying what the Left will say.

Political Parties at their lowest ebb yet. 



What are They Plotting in Poland



Josh Frydenberg..Hope I got that right. Inner city green sycophant to TURNBULL......FEDERAL ENERGY MINISTER.......Wants to reward us for turning off the lights with our money........WELL FUCK ME........THAT SAYS EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE.....DOES IT NOT???......ANSWERS ONLY FROM PEOPLE WITH A BRAIN...THANK YOU.

Electric fans and air conditioning are one thing. Just wait until the high rise and office lifts, petrol bowsers, traffic lights and a few other essentials are blacked out and production is halted. An unbelievable mess.

Dead set "pricks off the planet".

Let’s face it, the money that Josh is going make this payment with is just tax payers monies SO IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER it is just a bit more waste on top of a mammoth amount already wasted on this great climate/energy lie.

Where do politicians go to get this stupid?

There is an ongoing argument about the christian influence , I make this point, It seems to me that it is mainly the christian west (the USA, Europe Aust, Canada,etc )that is producing more and more food stuffs every year , much of which goes to keep the ""others "" fed and watered! This has been going on for a long time ,This has led to population explosions in Africa, India,parts of the middle east,, Some Asian countries also depend on imported commodities, , the west is also accepting large numbers of people from the third world, many with, or will have, large families, Question,is the west shooting itself in the foot,? More food, more foreign aid,more people , more dependants, is the christian west making the pop, explosion and the mass migrations to the west worse.

Bowen is complaining that some guy, (i forget his name) should not be on the board of ASIC because he was at one time a member of the Libs, This from a mob who have stacked every public service position , and many others , with labour party hacks! And when anybody of the lower ranks actually comes out in support of conservatism , he or she, is pounced on and often ridiculed in the left leaning media, For labour to complain about bias is a bad joke,just look at the ABC/SBS and most other government departments , albeit we have a so called liberal gov,/leader, in charge , which is another joke.

What we should do in peak times is to use electricity for OUR comfort...bugger Turnbull and the rest. In doing so, if there are outages...good! It might wake them up to the fact that their brilliant scheme isn't working, and they might finally realise we need coal fired power stations.It will hurt us with no power for a while, but the end result will be worth it. I will NOT be turning my aircon off or down to please these arrogant, leftist bullies

TURNBULL signed us up to the UN Climate Change Convention, committing Australia to millions of dollars in Carbon emissions Taxation after Tony Abbott had refused to join and was deposed of weeks before the date of the UN convention.
There are others that will need to be added to this list which we will keep updating. It is important also to note that all but Turnbull are Fabian Socialists—internationalists that want to see the United Nations take control of Australia. Turnbull is a globalist with links to the Bilderberg Group, whose members include David Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, Angela Merkel and George Soros. They aim in using the UN as a de facto world government imposing a UN tax on “world citizens;”
The United Nations according to the Australian Constitution is a foreign power that we never had a Referendum to join. Yet our politicians have been working with it to undermine the sovereignty of Australia while they play their globalist games—not worrying about the farmers they drive to suicide; the manufacturing industry they destroy; and the destruction of social cohesion due to their radical immigration plans. This Socialist experiment has cost us our financial stability and cost thousands of lives of farmers and other people in business who have been betrayed by the Fabian and Masonic politicians.
Citizens of Australia…we have traitors in our midsts. We need to get out of the UN and stop this erosion of our country.
There are also 4 videos (10 minutes each) worth watching on the subject:

Turnbull's siding with Labor for Australia's handover to the United Nations -
"In November 1999 Australians through a nationwide Referendum decided NOT to create a Republic. This was a confirmation to the Government that Australians wanted to remain as Australian with an Australian Constitution—we wanted to stay with what we knew. But what the Australian public didn’t know is that our Labor politicians were working really hard behind our backs.
One month earlier, on United Nations Day, the UN introduced a Charter for Global Governance (One World Government under the United Nations). They called it Global Democracy but it really stands for “International Socialism”. In October 1999, our Referendum the UN voted us in to its ranks…one month BEFORE our Referendum.
Next, the politicians removed the “Oath of Allegiance to the Crown” from our Law Courts. They sold us out to the United Nations expecting Australia to vote “Yes for the Republic” by Referendum.............."

"Bite the bullet you bastards, dump the RET, and stop worrying what the Left will say." Yes Larry, its only the pollie left to worry about since their electors also want it dumped! Except of course the SHY mob who pedal like white mice for their power.

People who think politicians really do have the public interest at heart, need to understand such representatives of the people would have seen that for our community to continue living in the first world, water and electicity were ESSENTIAL. Services that should have been efficient, effective, affordable and available would have been secured from the grasp of profiteers and kept as public services but no, poor financial management meant a REAL asset had to be sold to pay the devil. Now the devil wants his pound of flesh (apologies to Shakespeare). It seems to me Government lost their grasp of what they need to supply as public services instead grasping at election winners and ensuring their survival rather than survival of the community.

Very sad but very true, Larry. The last 10 years has seen Australia go backwards at an unbelievable rate. We no longer have reliable and affordable electricity, we have killed our manufacturing, agricultural and mining industries because they have been unable to recover from Labor's willful damage, and Turnbull's ineptitude. And to top it off, we now face an untenable assault on our children, our family values and our last remaining freedoms of speech, beliefs and worship. Ten years ago who would have thought this an even remote possibility. Certainly not me.

We really do have mental giants in Canberra, what is it about electricity and water they don't understand. We need both abundantly. Attempting to replace fossil fuelled electricity with renewables should not be so distressing. Build and ensure the alternative is operational and supplying your needs FIRST, then close down fossil fuel stations. It is called strategic planning but I guess when you rely on the trough of plenty, decisions are made that ensure the swill flows for your lifetime. More people, more demand for water, what will their answer to that be - rationing, when dams would be so much simpler or perhaps stop bring people into the country. As each day passes 'politician' (Federal, State and Local) becomes a byword for excreta.

Time and time again it is shown, financial penalties impact on the people least able to afford it and financial incentives usually only assist those that need it least. Christ, I once thought the Conservatives had more sense than the Socialist but they keep proving me wrong.

Lyingburg, so how is business going to cope with this amazing plan? We have heard of businesses having a shocking time with their production in SA last year with power disruption. I reckon any business wanting to survive will take it overseas, where our coal is sold to power their stations. Bloody daft isn't it ? Well the Greens are succeeding in closing down Australia as all lefties want.

janet albrechtsen? @jkalbrechtsen

If Turnbull’s answer to energy debacle is turn off the lights he deserves to have lights turned off his leadership.

If solar and wind power are so reliable and cheap, why isnt our power free? Apparently it costs nothing to produce, if you ask them.

This coming from the same mob who sold a public utility called Telecom to us in worthless shares that they profited from on the trade and tax on shareholders transactions to blacken their books going towards their next election campaign

Oh, one other thing. A "brilliant light bulb idea" ; I guess LP meant bright idea. Sorry Larry but a bright idea will normally last longer than a "thought bubble" which only last about a pooftinth of a second.. All things being equal, this thought bubble should last about 2 thirds of a poothinth of a FA. (IE stuff all) Mind you, some idiot will grab hold of this crap and the MSM will promote it to justify their almost extinct existence.