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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



An attractive woman was at my front door. Her name was Kathy and I invited her in so she could explain how her life had been left in shattered pieces after she was mercilessly raped at the age of 16 by a man who is now Australia’s alternative Prime Minister.

She was struggling with an armful of files as I hurriedly rearranged my cluttered office and made her a cup of coffee. Within minutes she was shaking and sobbing uncontrollably....  

Don’t miss this exclusive and damning report in the Pickering Post this week.






We are in big trouble. Arabs want Westerners out of the Middle East. Post 9/11 we should never have gone there. The West is covertly infiltrated by millions of muslims whose allegiances remain steadfast with various middle eastern organisations. This is shaping up as no other war. It is quickly morphing into sinister ramifications on Western shores. You can't kill a think and you can't kill a shadow. All the airfire, boots on ME ground, will never stop them. It is not acquiescing for Westerners to leave ME tribal lands and let them work it out for themselves. Don't trade with them. Don't travel there. Make immigrant background checks so complete that only skilled labour from like-minded societies is allowed to come to Australia. No more mosques. Stop appeasement.

Go for it Larry,Shorten is a false prick.

150,000 illegals all let in by the Labor Government. wow. Now that's a lot of extra Labor voters and a much closer time to when we'll see a lot if them in Parliament followed by the inevitable change over to shiria law. I think it's time Tony Abbott went back to Japan to learn how they have escaped this scourge input.


Funnily enough Larry, I wouldn't be surprised if some occurrence prevented the airing of your next post in this matter. Got another one for you. The aboriginal girl out of The Heiner Affair. Seems our ALP/Union Party are champions at this sort of thing. Thanks Larry.

"I don't know what the Prime Minister said, but I am sure she ('he' in this case) is right."

But the knife will always be close by to do the infamous Short Willy Stab at an inappropriate time ....

Now I really wonder what that deluded loopy leftie David Marr could possibly put to this event. After all, he was given credence and accolades when he wrote the mythical essay about a young and naïve 19 year old Tony Abbott who apparently, with no witnesses, allegedly punched a wall adjacent to the woman who later married the QC that represents Craig Thomson. Then we have Gillard raping the countryside and putting out for all the bad boys until she found she could get free haircuts. Now, Shorten, a shady past and even shady future... Come on Marr, you have enough fodder on these arseholes, lets see another of your prize selling essays.....

When shorten agrees there is a good chance he does not know what he is agreeing with

Sounds like a goodie . Will be a welcome change in debate from Oscar

She'd probably cope better if Shortarse had to front up for his crimes I would guess!

Had any calls from the union/laborabc mafia yet Larry?

This sounds far to good to be true. Not that I think Short-arse isn't capable of this ( bully boy) but I would love to see him sitting next to Juliar in striped clothing

look carefully at what the powers have done to Micheal smith LARRY?

Gotta be worried when Shorton agrees with you or is right behind you. Ask Rudd/Gillard/Rudd.

I don't want to revisit the Harris case, Hermes, but I understood the young woman asked for money to set up a business. Certainly agree with you about the criminals we recently had, pretending to be prime ministers.

I hope Shortonbrains is shitting bricks. The ALP certainly love having sleezebags in charge.

Well as I read Larry's post, this 'girl' now a woman, has voluntarily turned up on Larry's doorstep with her files. So I guess she is putting her faith in Larry to believe her story and to discuss how best to tell it. They'll be ok.

Shorten should have been charged to let the Courts decide if he was guilty or not. I am I cynical or is he protected.

Larry sometime back Theo Theophanous was taken to Court for the alleged rape of a women who in time was found to be lying and had a criminal record in Cyprus and Greece and spent time in prison in Greece. The Labour party was behind the prosecution as Theo was not a Union man and Labour wanted to get rid of him, Theo did the honourable thing and resigned his ministry and then from parliament. He was cleared in the Courts of any wrong doing however it cost him over $100,000 in legal fees my question is why wasn't Shorten charged as there was a more credible witness and Theo was. Same goes for his Brother Andrew who's main charge was stayed in the Supreme Court of Victoria with the Judge being very scathing of the corrupted investigation and evidence withheld by the then NCA.