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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



So Abbott knew Dyson Heydon decades ago when Heydon was on a panel that granted him a Rhodes scholarship, and together they plotted an RC to bring down a future Labor Party and its union mates.

So that’s why Abbott appointed Heydon, apparently.

Oh well, a Labor PM would never make a dodgy judicial appointment to the Federal Court Bench would she….


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Touché Larry!

O/T, but I'd recommend Ex - Major Harry Smith's new book on the battle of Long Tan, and Smith's struggle to get proper recognition for his troops, as well worth reading. Chapter 13, about how certain senior officers made sure they got their medals, while the guyswho did the shooting dipped out, is revealing, to say the least. "Royal Military College looked after themselves good and proper, Portsea and Scheyville could get fvcked."

Listening to our ALPBC banging on and on about the Royal Commission into child sex abuse, revealing all the gruesome details with great gusto it occurred to me that maybe they need to increase their staff numbers to allow them to report on that other RC, you know the one that they ignore as if it isn't happening - that could be the reason folks, they are simply short staffed (ok, only kidding)

Tony Abbott in question time today said that matters relating to Dyson Heydon have been referred to the police.

Komrdae juLIAR is home and free with not a scrap of mud attached.

The TURC will fail!

Dyson Heydon declined to speak at a Liberal Party function. He must be soooooo biased.

Double Standards
And they can NEVER see it

Slater & Gordon's logo.. " Not a Problem" They should update it to... "Not a Problem unless your names Julia Gillard."

One does have to wonder at the mentality of the Labor Party.

If having Liberal or Labor leanings is cause to quit as a judge/Commissioner, then surely having gone to church would disqualify the child abuse enquiry Royal commissioner??

Some interesting information on the 1943 Royal Commission into Eddie Ward's assertion that a relevant document concerning the "Brisbane line" was missing from official files.
From page 122 of Elwyn Spratt's biography - "Eddie Ward Firebrand of East Sydney"
"....From the outset of the hearing, legal arguement ensued on questions of the privileges of Parliament as they affected the right of Ward to give evidence. Barry [Mr K.V.Barry, Counsel for the Fadden and Menzies Administrations] argued that questions that had been raised within the walls of Parliamentcould not be investigated by any outside tribunal. He also told the Commission that if Ward were compelled to give evidence, he would decline to give the name of the person from whom he had received his information about the missing document, because he thought it would be unworthy of him to do so.
The ghosts of "the Glorious Revolution" hovered over the inquiry during these early hours of the hearing. Harking back to the Bill of Rights, signed by William and Mary in 1685, Barry quoted article nine: "That freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in Parliament ought not to be impeached in any court or place out of Parliament." He offered that as part of our law, and backed it up with English and Australian precedents. He quoted legal authorities, dating from 1512, to support his submission that a Commission appointed by the Governor-General had no power to deal with a member of Parliament for statements made in the House............."
The question I ask is WHY should politicians have freedom of speech and nobody else?
Bill of Rights 1688 1 Will and Mary sess 2 c 2 - ACT ...
Jul 5, 2002 - This is a republication of the Bill of Rights 1688 1 Will and Mary Sess 2 c 2 as in force on. 5 July 2002

Larry,get rid of the sick bastard posting as RamRod.

However a run-of-the-mill ambulance chaser solicitor like Bernard Murphy could become a Federal Court Judge - by circumventing the time honoured tradition of first being called to the bar, and later being elevated to Queen's Counsel, or Senior Counsel on one's earned stripes - before being appointed to the judiciary - beggars belief. That lying slag, Gillard certainly went out of her way to trash every tradition possible, whilst thumbing her pinocchio nose at all who hold honoured traditions with the highest respect.

So that is what homosexuals do for fun, sport.
and you wonder why we call you Queer.
find a rock and crawl back under it.

"....It is widely known in politics and the media that Bill Shorten uses online trolls to trash the reputation of anyone he sees as a threat or competitor to his interests. What is not widely reported is that Mr Shorten is also defaming the reputation of Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon and using his Parliamentary Secretary Michael Danby, at the taxpayer’s expense, to assist.
There would probably be enough evidence below to charge Bill Shorten, Michael Danby and their main troll Andrew Landeryou with attempting to pervert the course of justice. It also raises questions regarding the character of Bill Shorten and gives a guide to what he would be like if he was elected Prime Minister......."

"Labor’s tactics are an admission they have no legal basis to ask Dyson Heydon to recuse himself
........The Labor Party and Unions are stumbling around like a drunk outside a pub with their tactics to get rid of Commissioner Dyson Heydon and it would be comical if it was not so criminal.
The dumbest thing that Labor have done is start the ball rolling for the Senate to request that the Governor-General Peter Cosgrove sack Dyson Heydon. (Click here to read more) The fact that they have done this shows they have no confidence in the legal arguments they will be running at the Royal Commission on Friday. More on that later in the post.
Other issues that Labor will have to overcome is the lack of evidence to show perceived bias, the fact that they have always been looking for ways to close down the Royal Commission and the blatant tactics to smear the Royal Commission and Dyson Heydon.
.......It must be noted that the person instructing the ACTU’s barrister is ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver who was in court on Monday. This is a disgrace as Oliver is up to his neck in scandalising the courts given his wife, Suzanne Jones, was a corrupt appoint as a judge by Julia Gillard. (Click here to read more) He has a hide to complain about another judicial appointment........


Tired of Lies - Facebook

Any relation to Lionel Murphy? I know how these Labourites like to start their own dynasties despite pretending to be socialists.

Cowdrey on Lateline, believes the issue is not sufficiently serious for Heydon to stand down - bad luck boys.

There will be no integrity in any government I lead.