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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at

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Adam Goodes Cheered For Retiring

SWANS legend Adam Goodes has decided retiring is the best way to beat the boos.

Announcing his retirement Goodes was immediately greeted with rapturous cheers. “You bloody beeeeauty!’ cheered one ebullient member of the crowd.

“About time. I can’t believe it,” sobbed another.

Goodes has been subjected to continued booing at games after turning on a crowd of Carlton supporters with a war dance complete with a fake spear throw during a game.

Angry fans retaliated by booing, which has become a hallmark of Goodes’ games since.

“I got fed up with all the booing so I figured the best way to beat it was to think of a way to make the crowd cheer me,” explained a grinning Goodes after his last game.

“Can you just hear that roar? I’ve never heard the crowd happier. I should have announced my retirement weeks ago.”

The retiring footy legend is expected to be applying for a position in the Australian Commonwealth Games team as a fake javelin thrower. 



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The booing began well before the Carlton game and the mimed spear throw. I'm a Hawthorn supporter and I know for a fact that Goodes was copping it from Hawks fans. It had little to do with his aboriginality but more for being a divisive jerk given his statements made after being gonged as Australian of the year. If we must have such an award it's time we acknowledged those other than sporting folk and entertainers. It's cringe worthy...

Adam Goodes, is he that peace loving indigenous brother that loves and respects ALL of his fellow Australians?

Latest rumour is that he may try to enter politics. More boos please!

Two “professional” sports men overdose. Given that they were in fact ‘painkillers’ and that these two bozos are capable of reading the instructions on the packet ( long odds on that one) This episode only serves to reinforce that fact that ‘sportsmen’ are about the dumbest of the dumb in society. The story regarding post operative pain killers is a very good cover, if these morons were at the ‘recreational’ drugs. I just hope the taxpayer isn’t paying for their hospital treatment and …

And some dope reporter or somebody associated with AFL reckons this bloke was the greatest Swans player of all times....well the "Swans" were the bloods "South Melbourne" and it would be pretty obvious whoever made the comment about Goodes has never ever seen a bloke called Bobby Skilton play the game of Australian rules football....he would have run rings around Goodes both as a player and as a human being as well..

Fake javelin thrower...hehehe

On a slightly different note is everyone having a laugh at the NRL for its pathetic attempt to cover up the two South's players who decided to play Hill Billy Heroin addicts on OxyContin, poor boys accidentally took an overdose who are they kidding these guys knew what they were doing and it backfired on them big time! Lucky they didn't kill themselves, but the Club and the NRL come out with such bullshit to cover themselves and their players! Australia remember if you are a good footy player we will let you kill rape drug deal and drug take just as long as you play the game for us and make us rich-possible words of one of Rugby Leagues immortals????

@ Cabalo, you are living proof that you don't need a long neck to be a goose

This is good news, anything that gets AFL off the headlines is a good thing.

and the disease is you and your ilk cabalo

You are the only sad fuck on this site, neigh.

Why did Goodes not announce his retirement prior to this game, so the Sydney FAITHFUL could wish him good bye ? You know do the lap of Honor, at the end of the game,, win lose or draw ? Goodes obviously knows just how much he is detested, even by the Sydney faithful.

Lol,, hells using Stan Grant as an example is an act of pure desperation,, are we talking about the same Stan Grant that did a runner on his first wife, for another piece of Crumpet ? The last person you would want is Stan Grant preaching to other people about ethics and morals is the two timing betrayer, the Wife Deserter,, none other than Stan Grant. Lol seriously,,, try to do your home work before you make a complete Monkey of yourself.

DT,, could cabalo actually be it,,,, Juliar Gillard dressed in drag,,, or maybe it's her famed other half,,, Timmy Scissorhand,, her Boy of convenience, the first ever Bullying Brute, that shared the Lodge ?

Aust 1 cabalo seems to get lost for words when asked a question. It just ignores you, knowing he can't get by with spin. Not unlike GilLard really, who would always answer a question, except the question actually asked.

There is no doubt about it. The 13 year old girl was right. The simian features make him look like an............ape.

Goodes took it on himself to carry out the actions that he did in response to what he perceived as unfair criticism or racism with full knowledge that he had a captive audience in a football crowd at a large venue and that the camera's would be on his every move and was made to pay for over reacting and using his footballer status to enter another field in trying to be a self appointed champion of the aboriginal people when he is neither a full blood aboriginal or a white. As a footballer he was recognised as one of the greats but when he ventured into racial discrimination as a self appointed champion of the people he fell foul of the Aussie Rules crowds, and paid for it.

Caballo has two L's in it. So Paladin, it's only a horses hoof.

This one has a horses club foot....NDIS candidate, or just put the fucker down.

Hey,,,, cabalo,,,, Mr Intellect,, i asked you questions on two of your previous posts re this issue hours ago and still no response, why not ? Obviously YOU do NOT have the answers, because like 99% of the PC Leftist Galahs you are just a Parrot of what has been shoved down your throat or what you have read, you do not have the mental capacity to think for yourself and respond with an answer, when asked a question. Dreamer.