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Thursday, 17th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


ABC a sheltered workshop for the Left

When Julia Gillard appoints a crusty old Lefty like Jim Spigelman as Chairman of the ABC Board what more can be expected than exactly what we got... a bunch of unaccounted for, ex-uni Marxists with their hands firmly stuck in taxpayers’ pockets.

It took an FOI request from Senator Abetz to even discover their fall in ratings over a wide area. And didn’t they kick up a stink when we discovered almost half their budget of $1.2 billion was being spent on obscene wages for unconvincing presenters. 

Even Managing Director Mark Scott’s wage rose to almost $800,000 under his own tutelage.

Scott, a previous “editorial director” (whatever that means) was found aimlessly wandering the insolvent corridors of Fairfax before being promoted to ABC MD, thus the alliance. 

The ABC is so bloated that Scott was able to set aside $7.1 million in staff redundancy payments (er, that’s unionspeak for golden handshakes) in one single year. 

He can be seen any day of the week lunching at Sydney and Melbourne’s most expensive restaurants Twittering away to his heart’s content.

If you think the Public Service does well with emoluments then the ABC will make your hair curl. Scott’s tenure, and his annually increasing salary and ballooning bonuses, will remain intact and snowballing until 2015 when hopefully a purge of the ABC and its abuse of the Aussie taxpayer will stop. Well, at least until the next Labor government.

Scott’s bonuses were attributed to a complete botch of the Australia network, an across the board fall in ratings, countless programming disasters and a purposeful failure to even attempt to cater for the paying Aussie viewer.

Mark Scott should consider picking up the US ABC’s top rating program, it’s called, “How To Get Away With Murder”.



What are They Plotting in Poland



Spiegelman was a SHOCKING Chief Judge in NSW , politically biased , every speech designed to get him front page in the SMH . thats why he wont do anything ti fix the Mess and waste at the ABC . cosy little jib for that fool Whitlams ex-speechwriter

"In 2013 the ABC was allocated $70 million over 3 years to expand the depth and quality of its news and current affairs for the digital era," Mr Turnbull writes.

"ABC viewers and staff have the right to question management on where this investment has been made.”

That should read *Australian taxpayers* have the right to question management. Okay, Scott, so where did you blow $70 million ????????

There is NO argument for maintaining a costly public broadcaster today. The only support for this wasteful corrupting of our democracy comes from those whose ideology is so unpalatable that its very survival depends on this corruption. A truly balanced and informative ABC-SBS would expose the Left for the destructive force it is. And what better illustration than the astonishment of viewers at the sacking of the magnificent K.Rudd, the taxpayer protected nut who wreaked devastation on those very taxpayers. Any organization promoting carbon taxes does not merit being financed by the majority who refuse to pay carbon taxes.

Soft cocks react in typical fashion to protect dole bludgers: "A bipartisan parliamentary report has found the Federal Government will breach its international obligations if it goes ahead with its budget proposal to force young jobseekers to wait six months for unemployment benefits."

They are so far to the left they go around in circles, I don't watch anymore. Any so called debate is a Labor Party political broadcast.

Lateline right now tells of polluted seaweed in West Papua and it tells of lack of income by village seaweed farmers because of discolouring of growth and this stuff is used in cosmetics and processed foods so wouldn't you think someone would test it before it made contact with humans seeing it could be toxic ?

The governemnt can cut the ABC's funding and that's what it's doing. Hear the little pinko piggies squeal.

Malcolm Turnbull and ABC Chairman are friends.

SOMEWHERE between the carbon tax, pokie reform and leadership tensions, the Coalition and Labour have found common ground.

Both Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott welcomed the appointment of former Supreme Court of NSW Chief Justice James Spigelman as the new chairman of the ABC last week. Prime Minister Gillard and Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy said Spigelman is a good fit for the job.

“With more than 40 years of service to the legal profession and a fierce passion for the arts, Mr Spigelman will be an exemplary leader of the ABC,” they said in a joint statement. Shadow minister for communications and broadband and federal member for Wentworth Malcolm Turnbull, who has a large Jewish constituency and is friends with Spigelman, welcomed the ­appointment.

“He’s very well placed to do the job,” Turnbull said. “He has got a very fine intellect. He’s very objective. He’s impartial. But he’s got a very, very keen, rational intellect that will, I think, bring a lot of good judgement and leadership to the ABC board and provide a lot of support to Mark Scott and all the team that are doing the important work at the ABC.”


I'm with Larry's piece on the ABC 100% but the answer is emphatically NOT to kill it. There is so much that is good on the ABC. I refer to its dramas, its documentaries, its radio programming on science, the arts, medicine, law, etc, etc. The rot lies in its management and its news and current affairs Commies. That doesn't mean the only solution is to kill the ABC. It means it has to be fixed. The very thought of only having the (largely) ratings and cost driven bilge the commercial networks serve up gives me the shivers.

o/t this is what has ruined our country letting all the multinationals pay bugger all tax.

I hate what their ABC has become, it's taken 30 odd years to get there but it has morphed into the Labor/Greens/Union socialist /communist/dictatorship, we had to have under a most useless Rudd/Gillard/Rudd convenience. These idiots have just about ruined this country in just 6 short years.Think that even AG Whitlam was only in power for 3 years and look what he did not achieve for Australia. Fuck their useless and people still vote for them? It's got me stumped why people are so dumb.

The abc is not what it used to be, aint what it used to be, aint what it used to be many long years ago, Malcontent has failed in his Ministry, failed in his ministry, failed in his ministry. Malcontent should get a life, get a life, get a life, Outside of Politics and let someone stronger take charge of a National Broadcaster, Malcontent - you, Malcolm, expecting entitlement, are sillier than Julia. (the tune to the old grey mare might fit here with some imagination)

ABC does put out some , non political and interesting programs. Much is , of course , BBC sourced. My attitude is to avoid live, biased , programs that are Aussie based.However , I do look forward to the day when a ' balanced ' ,view is available. Where else can ' balanced reporting ' be seen ?Have you tried , 9 ,7 , or 10 ?

The ABC has always disingenuously claimed it's not in the business of ratings while all the time paying for and studying the same ratings surveys that the the commercials stations live by.

Agree with your last sentence, GBB.

Hey Raygunnnnn,,,shouldn't you be off somewhere making sure that the "workers own the means of production" or making sure that each "gives according to their ability and receives according to their needs" or some such marxist bullshit. Don't waste your time here speaking with "rednecks" there be work to be done boy!

There is no temptation DJT, have not watched anything other than the WAFL grand final in the past 4 years. Tony Jones and that evil bitch he's married to make me puke.

100% of all ABC Media is Anti-LNP to the extreme. It has me stuffed why any LNP Politician would appear of any of their Extreme Leftist programs. (Give them nothing.) Then sack all ABC management News/Media personal and charge them with treason/treachery and Anti-Australian propaganda.

Don't even bother to write to Turnbull as you get some limp wristed reply saying that there is no bias. Write to all other ministers and maybe someone will have the balls to ask him what the F...k is happening.

I stopped watching ABC when they shamelessly promoted Kevin Rudd like a demi-god in 2007.