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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Poor Joe






Give yourself a good upper-cut mate . Then shut up and get back to work .We don't need you shooting yourself in the foot like that .

Ewe beat me two it....carnt stand pour grammar :-)

Its bloody tiring being the Union's dentist - One out, all out is the requirement if a comrade needs to have a tooth extracted.

And the same people who bitch about 1c per litre don't complain about putting $100 per week into the pokies, $50 per week for fags, and $75 per week for booze.

So, the price of fuel fluctuates by up to 20c per litre from week to week, and people grumble but accept it. A Hockey impost of 1c on the price, however, is reason to revolt and wreak the ire of all media journalists and opposition parliamentarians. Double standards has no limit in Australia.

Hockey was correct in saying that "poor" people would not be greatly affected by the 1c per litre rise - estimated at $20 per annum - Some wankers will whinge about anything now, don't you.

Someone said that way back, but I can't get back to tell you who, I know as I agreed with the post as good grammar. fewer for numbers, less for quantity.

Hockey is simply a political slag!! He rips off the system with his away from home allowance at least morally and cares nothing for the people doing it tough. The sooner he is replaced the better.

Joe was castigated for telling the truth !! Why are some people so ' precious "

Try shopping aro' for dental implants. I was quoted $ 24,000.00 for 2 implants by my regular dentist. I was set on going to India , same job with all costs $10.000.00. Then tried Aider at Brisbane airport. $7500.00. Job is now done and I am very glad that I did not go overseas. Highly recommend.

Off topic of Poor Joe, but I have to say Australian Dentists, Endodontists etc are thieves. I notice too that when they know you have private Health cover (pays 65% of the recommended fee usually) the dentists charge double the recommended fee. Many are still rude enough to keep people waiting. It must be their depressive state, in general you know, they're always looking down in the mouth.

I get my dental work done in the Philippines because it's a fraction of the cost it is here. With $400 return fare currently available, one can get full implants for the cost of a couple of fillings here.

Let them eat Cake!

Yes Rossco, it's amazing how the labor/greens have made this such a huge issue over this 1c fuel thing, what idiots. I filled up the other day as I thought it at the bottom of the ever changing price cycle only to find the next day it dropped another 2c. I am pensioner too and use about 8 litres per 100 k (on a trip) That's 1c extra for every 12.4K travelled. so a round trip to the Dr or shopping centre would in most cases be less than 1c..... Further, if the Labor/greens are serious about this impact on pensioners it looks like all pensioners on the Gold Coast are in trouble as the fuel costs there average 2c per litre higher than Brisbane. That's a 200% problem to them. Better shift else ware me thinks. It's just an example that it matters not what he says the Labor/Greens will bag it.

Collingwood supporters and Tasmanians have less teeth than most and there tattoos are home made or given free in jail so it won't affect them either.

Excuse me please Larry* .. your shop(and t-shirt info section) is saying warning etc msg`s `again`?? So I am politely informing you as a small business `observer`.Has been since 8:30 am.I like you to be well informed re that aspect.. fairs fair huh? .Business matters*.

i cant believe that the left are squabbling over 1c a litre when ciggies are $1 each

The treasurer cops it for smoking a cigar and no mention of gillard being a coffee addicted chain smoker

I've paid taxes all my life and I'm 70, I want my benefits, and not only that I want my son's, and grandsons benefits. The Australian flag should be of an outstretched hand.

The masses believe the bullshit spouted from the media, and the media are out to destroy Abbott by any means