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Sunday, 18th March 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at

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Waleed Aly is a writer for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, an ABC presenter, a regular on Channel 10's The Project and the new Chaser team ABC show, the name of which I can't remember because The Chaser chappies have become so forgettably unfunny. 

The once mildly amusing Chaser undergraduates are now middle-aged, post-undergraduate yawns. I really want to smirk and laugh with them, but find myself rolling my eyes until I doze off.. 

Today one of their very unfunny team members, the aforesaid Aly has written a piece attempting to distance Islam from the 'lone wolf' random jihad attackers. 

The publications for which Aly writes fail their readers badly by not disclosing that the writer is a Sunni Muslim (described only as ...'a Fairfax columnist. He hosts Drive on ABC Radio National and is a lecturer in politics at Monash University.)

It's important to know where Aly comes from when he's writing about Islam, because it allows the reader some perspective, just as reasonably expected from, say, a finance writer when writing on the merits of leveraging off equity, while practising mortgage broking.

Aly works hard to paint the 'lone wolf' attacks as having nothing to do with Islam. 

His argument is that they all have had some sort of other issues in their life such as gambling, drug habits, unemployment, visiting strip clubs etc. 

So that explains why they suddenly want to randomly chop off heads?

Many informed members of the public see right through Aly's taqiyya (lying for Islam is permissible to protect and advance Islam). 

It's a shame the once honourable profession of journalism allows this misinformation to percolate. 
Journalism once was about truth and informing the public without fear or favour, openly and transparently. 

The truth is that random beheadings practised today are copy cat practices and teachings of the Islamic prophet Mohammed of 1400 years ago. 

Just one of many examples: 
Quran 8:12, "When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them."

There have been an estimated 240 million people killed in the name of Islam since its inception 1400 years ago. 

Since 9/11 there have been over 24,000 random acts of jihad terror by Muslims.  All of them random misfits, Mr Aly? 

The truth is Islam is a military, political and legal (Sharia Law) movement shrouded in religion. That's the problem.  

There are many non-Muslims unemployed, drug users, strip club visitors and gamblers who don't go around randomly wanting to behead members of the public, because it's not in their thinking or religious indoctrination. 

Unless and until the general media calls out the root cause of jihad acts of terror, without allowing excusers such as Waleed Aly to paper over the Islamic teachings link, readers will continue to feel cheated and uninformed by their news services, and will turn more to alternative sources for information. 


“The Oceans will Boil”, says the ‘Father of global warming’, James Hansen


Great to see Outsiders agree


These are the types of sick people that the ABC recruited under the Gillair/Rudd leadership. Of course we has Cassidy and numerous others that if sacked from the ABC would go unemployed. It will take time for ABBOTT TO HAVE a Aly - Cassidy and other dead beats removed from the ABC. I was say the way over 50% of ABC staff would get there marching orders if proper Management was installed.

John Laws got a real going over because he didn't disclose the fact that Toyota ads were actually Toyota ads, why then does this dirt bag get away with not disclosing his affinity with islam


Should read......

Just trying to help.....

And they allow him to "lecture" in our Universities? WTF is going on?

Jo B I agree many have died via Other religions.. But saying.. Christianity today is just as bad as Islam is .. ODD.. because it has proven more fair.. more cooperative.Has there been an RC into Islam religion? no? that is not accountable imo.That by no means makes the atrocities ok.. esp in Our nation.It takes no genius to understand fair versus cruel.It is not ok to expect folks to embrace another nations laws that threaten them on home soil.. we earned.Bullying is illegal, as are threats to others of harm.Reasonable people can`t embrace that nor support that and I would not expect them to encourage that ill intent.

This in no way condones the horrors of Islam or Sharia Law but Muslims are just one facet of religious extremism. All religions are evil in their intent to control humanity for their own purpose!

How many people have died in the name of Christ, Christianity and Catholicism?
The average Poster on this site would be horrified to read a summary of the atrocities committed in the name of the Lord!
Have a quick run through this list and decide for yourself;

"There have been an estimated 240 million people killed in the name of Islam since its inception 1400 years ago."
That's a pretty horrific statistic Paul and Waleed Aly is certainly part of it without doubt but I wonder, in the name of balanced reporting, just how many people have died at the hands of the Christians in the same time frame?
Is the problem really one of religion full stop? I agree that the Quran is an infamous document and those practising Sharia Law are hell bent on running the world in their own bitter and twisted manner but we must be mindful of that famous statement;
"Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone!" The problem is not Islam or Christianity but rather the weakness of mankind who depend on some form of religion for their daily existence and guidance.

Time for ASIO to have a good look at smart arse Aussie traitor Waleed and his connections...

He is a cotton runt.

Islam Buys Out Western Academia

Hmmm... wonder if Mr Aly has declared all his sources of income....?

Does Monash Uni. School of Politics get grants from the Saudis?

I do not read The Age of the SMH however, I will gladly wipe my arse upon their pages. I cannot abide the new or the old chaser. The Project show on 10 confuses me because I think that the cat must have put its paw on the remote and changed the TV channel over to the ABC. I truly vomit when I see Aly and ask myself - why are the Left so gullible.

The western world is at war with Islam . The only people who have not got the message is our politicians, media and dumb arse do gooders

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.



I feel the same way about them and the audience. Team idiots, they all are.

This Waleed Ally crap is all a part of Labor Fabianism. Their philosophy is to advance slowly and cautiously, but when the time comes, strike hard. Their ultimate goal is universal socialism, and if Islam helps then achieve their goal, great, just another step along the way. Back in the fifties the Fabians (all members of ALP then and now) realised that Australians were too conservative, so the floodgates to unrestricted immigration had to be opened, but gradually at first. Foreseeing objection, the Racial Discrimination Act was introduced in 1975, and after a suitable interval, it was amended by introduction of section 18C in 1989 which made it an offence to insult anyone because of their race. It is not a crime yet, but that will be next. They can wait. Labor realised also that an integrated multi-racial society would upset its grand plan, so in the 1970s multiculturalism and ghettos became the go. We move on and when much too late and the deck had been stacked, the newly elected LNP Government promised to repeal 18C prior to the election, but thanks to PUP they lacked the numbers in the Senate, but probably wouldn't have done so anyway, given the backlash from the Moslems and others. For many years the ABC and SBS have been doing the work of the Fabians, and the next trick is to convince Australians that Islam is great, with politicians extolling its virtues, deferring to its "leaders" and speaking at its mosques. Next, get a well-known Moslem on a show which was quintessentially Australian and acceptance is another step along the way. We are being done like a dinner. (Posted by the Flysa Anti-Fabian Institute)

Paul, you are one hundred percent correct in your article. This is the way to get under the skin of these hypocrites and expose them for what they are. Those that are so called 'radicalised' are carefully chosen by those appointed to do so at the wahabist controlled mosques and the likes of Waheed Aly get into their heads and start them off on their journey of jihad as is written in the Quran, the Shariah and the Hadiths. I congratulate you on your article. It is a pity the mainstream media do not pick up the truth of the matter. It is extremely important for the general public to understand what is really going on and who are the ambassadors for Wahabism, like Mr Waheed Aly.