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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



If the US election was held on a first past the post vote it’s highly likely Hillary would have won. First past the post in Australia would make smaller parties and Independents obsolete... first past the post in America would make smaller, less populous States electorally obsolete and put the biggest States in the position of electing this and every future President without reference to any other smaller State.

But Trump would have played the game differently had the rules been changed.

The biggest States with naturally the biggest cities have more Left inner leafy suburbs that are breeding grounds for socialist welfare and loony Left ideology. As is the case here, they have always voted Democratic (socialist Labor) so, under a popular vote, only a Democrats’ candidate could possibly win.

Under the electoral college system smaller States get a say, not a big say, but enough to conceivably make a difference if the vote is close. They matter, as the founding fathers wisely thought they should.

If it had been a popular vote, Donald Trump would have spent all his time campaigning in the Rust Belt, New England and surrounding States. The District of Washington boasts more gays than Sydney’s sister city, California’s San Francisco, and gays mostly vote one way... (small l) liberal.

Then he would fly west to California where the Left dominates with Gays demanding equality, feminists demanding late term abortions and blacks demanding that black lives matter, sanctuary cities proliferate and more handouts be available, and of course the Hollywood mob who believes they matter. Then Washington State before flying south to Florida where the Latinos and wetbacks also vote Democrat.

The most dense and populous (demanding) cities always vote Democratic. So the election would be all over before it began with just about everyone staying home as they could never make a difference.

So Hillary could have stayed home fiddling with her foundation cream while Trump pounded the pavements of the most populous States, which he did and even won many of those that belonged to the Democrats.

But still no-one visited Nebraska, Wyoming or Montana with less than one million inhabitants each. Those people in States with a paltry three electoral college votes each still voted in this past election because it could have mattered... their votes may well have decided the outcome.

The liberal Left still don’t get it: Trump won on every index and demographic imaginable, Hillary Clinton was unelectable even as an incumbent.

Trump played the game better than Hillary, who really had very little to offer except more of the same from a disastrous Obama Administration. 

Trump had an appealing message and Hillary was clearly a crook.

When the Right gets a beating it turns Left, when the Left get a beating it turns further Left. We have had a world spinning on a Left bias for more than 20 years and thankfully it’s about to stop, starting with Austria, before a reforming France, Germany and Scandinavia turns Right. And when they go, so too goes Belgium and its crazy Eurozone, thank Christ! 

Only Italy and Greece will be left to wallow in their own broken banks and crippling socialist dogma.  

Yet the dumb Democrats and the uni student bong brigade still don’t get it. “But she won the popular vote”, they still scream.

Yeah, yeah, and if my aunty had balls she’d be my uncle!     


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




The US election is such a sham. It is estimated that over 2 million illegals voted. The democrats don't care because they overwhelmingly vote for the democrats. More than 2 million votes were cast in the names of dead people. The democrats don't care because (as project veritas revealed) they actually organised the scam. Many people multi-voted. Another democrat scam. So no one can say with any accuracy that Trump lost the popular vote, due to cheating by the democrats. Maybe they should be called the un-democratic party.

Obuma's holiday bill now over USD$85 million.

whinging, snivelling leftards..."its not fair" boohoo bitches YOU LOST

We need to shed preferential voting and substitute 'Approval Voting' which would eliminate all of the vote rorting and actually benefit the better independent candidates and minor party performers in my view. Just Google it for lots of information.

The hissy fit prone progressives don't have the brains to figure out why they lost. They now are filled with resentment and woe, especially since Trump immediately stated that he is for ALL US citizens. They hate that.

Have to laugh at these imbecile democraps but there is hope.

It's amazing how easily brainwashed some people are. No common sense. No reasoning. No questioning. Just blind faith and belief. Especially impressionable youth. Political parties and their fake-news misinformers (aka MSM) know this full well and using Gramsci methodology have used our MSM, entertainment industries and education institutions to thoroughly brainwash our youth and some of the gullible adults who infest our population. It takes a mover and a shaker like Trump to slow the rot and hopefully reverse the direction. If only we had a Trump type in Australia. All we have is self-serving pig trough weazels who care nought for our nation or it's future.

No doubt about it, Trump says it as he sees it. This comment following the Chinese being upset because he took a call from the Taiwanese president:-

"Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency (making it hard for our companies to compete), heavily tax our products going into their country (the U.S. doesn't tax them) or to build a massive military complex in the middle of the South China Sea? I don't think so!."

Here's a link which provides some insight into what he may be up to :-

Final vote count--Final #Election2016 numbers
#Popular Vote: #Trump: 62,972,226 #Clinton: 62,277,750
#Electoral College vote #Trump 306 #Clinton 232

"Foundation Cream", Gold Larry, Gold!

It's time to consider YOUR superannuation
With the transition of POTUS just weeks away, and the new to be very different from the old it's time to nail your colors to the wall- that great big Mexican financed wall
If you think Trump will make the US great its time to switch to a growth fund
If you think he was BS and will be more of the same then you can go back to sleep
Me I have switched to a Defensive plan

And people, trust me, I am REALLY REALLY hoping hard, that "she" is not already here, amongst us - in the person of ANGELA MERKEL. Oh dear I so hope not. But she does have a number of the attributes.

Dearest friend Elder, I know this makes you uncomfortable. Just scroll down. You'll feel better soon, sweetie. :-)))

Thorn, do you mean the 3 tribulation periods? Well, next up, will be the unsuccessful invasion of Israel. and in between now and then, we are simultaneously expecting the Antichrist to show up (keep your eyes peeled for a fair headed, blue eyed, youngish, super intelligent unknown - possibly from Europe's eastern bloc - to show up suddenly in the world's spotlight - that will be him/her)...and once he/she is here and signs an agreement with Israel - that's it. The Tribulations will start. The 10 world regions with 10 leaders, who will answer to one global leader (the AC) will kick off. And all hell will break loose. Winston's long-anticipated WW3 will begin. That's basically our schedule, ffffolks.

When I asked a relation here in Canada about Trump, the answer was "he might press the button". I kinda laughed and told them he ain't that bloody stupid. I am finding that people here in Canada, lovely, friendly, are very immature about the world affairs. We were told by a 16 year old relation that they are being taught at school about the death of the Great Barrier reef, and again I told that person, ignorance is sucha crying shame. What a load of rubbish. We watched newsand the students in the Universities were given rooms to go and cry and told them that they did not have to sit for their mid-term exams, and they even bought in ponies so that they can hug them all because of Trump. Something is seriously wrong in the Americas. Go Trump.


Trumps stimulus spending plans, and concurrent tax reduction will only increase the deficit, as the ship of state is a very slow vessel to turn around. Trump is a Conservative like Larry's aunt is his uncle.
There are numerous Trump ideas that have Bernie Saunders smiling. Abbott would have done well to have kept Holden and Toyota in Oz, realizing his folly he now is a Trump supporter. Carrier is a happy camper, ditching half their US workforce and collecting $7 million Xmas bonbons
Come in spinner.

Our Senate is elected is a sort of similar way. Each state gets to elect 12 senators to prevent the states with larger populations from over riding the interests and rights of the smaller states.

...yes your quite right Lazza....the Electoral College was devised by the "Founding Fathers" so as not to have a total they knew what that can lead to...just look to the ancient Greeks and Athena and tyranny by the majority...the United States is not a total democracy...ruled by majority rule...its a "Representative Republic" and Presidents are elected to that position in a Democratic way under this system of an Electoral College...and yes...its so as to give states like Wyoming (smallest in population) a greater say...Wyoming gets 3 college about 200K for every California (most populous) gets 55 college 730K for every vote..voters in Wyoming have a greater say to balance the outcome of a small population and made totally irrelevant...

Does anybody remember the South Australian election. Liberals gained 53% of the vote and still lost.