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Saturday, 21st April 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Media tongue-tied over Muslim treatment of our livestock

Yes, we again have even more stomach-churning pics of export livestock suffering needless deaths. Perhaps Turnbull will do a Gillard this morning and ban the trade altogether or maybe call for another Royal Commission?

Media have trouble spitting it out, but these poor animals are headed for a fate far worse than cramped livestock ships can offer.

                                                 A Turkish (halal) slaughterhouse

They are destined for ritual deaths at the hands of heartless Muslims… and that is why they want us to send them there alive. It is their belief that THEY, and they alone, must conduct and witness the ghoulish slaughter of animals, they trust not the infidel to deal with death.

                                      Halal slaughter is a Muslim family affair

The Islamic ritual (or halal) slaying of livestock requires the poor animal to be in a state of severe fear/shock, terrified, so as the heart will beat wildly enough to expunge every drop of blood before it finally bleeds out. The animal must remain struggling frantically in its death throws for as long as possible.

“But we need to product improve and humanely butcher them here before exporting frozen boxed meat to the Arabian Peninsula”, cry the animal rightists. Bullshit! There is already a highly competitive boxed meat trade but the live trade is what Aussie graziers and Muslims value most.

                                               ...and a fun time is had by all

Okay, you dishonest ABC, Green, vegan bastards, tell us the real problem with livestock exports, tell us what happens after they arrive in the hands of their new Islamic owners and not just the current ones!

Or is it a case of "out of sight, out of mind" once they leave the ship?  




DON'T SCREW AROUND WITH THE GST... the solution is simple


The inhumane, barbaric and merciless treatment of our beautiful farm animals on death ships at sea.!

This barbaric, horrendous, sickening, gut-wrenching, behaviour must stop, and must be stopped immediately forthwith........No words can describe the suffering these poor animals have endured and continue to endure, they are completely helpless and at the mercy of these perpetrators who put profits before animal safety and well being, also the spacing is totally inadequate, there did not appear to be any ventilation fans to move the putrid stale air, and also the body heat from the animals causes the temperature to rise significantly, those enclosures are totally claustrophobic, even head room is inadequate, and to see them gasping for air in above 40 degree Celsius temperatures was gut wr

Get off the Muslims back, they have to practise their throat-slitting on something before they get to us.

Cory Bernadi is pissing into a 40 knot northerly again, trying to get the halal scam stopped, but there are too many politically correct politicians to give him any support, all soft cocks. They bleat that they have to go easy on the f****** muslims because they give us informatiokn about terrorist activities. All they give us is a pain in the ar$e!!!

God bless you Larry for raising an issue that diminishes every one of us in this country. The live trade, particularly to Islamic cultures must be stopped. NZ has, & it is a credit to them. I have personally seen sheep thrust, live, into the boots of cars in the Middle East. Thankfully, I didn’t see them having their legs previously broken, as I understand often occurs. We have been duped into believing that the Middle East market requires that they do their own slaughtering according to Halal requirements. What a moral price to pay! I have cattle myself, but abhor many practices that take place even in our own country, let alone in those hell holes.

The reason we don't hear about the treatment of animals after they have arrived in musso territory is because most of the reporters are white SJW women. Guess how far they get in that society. They really have not advanced since the Dark Ages. The other obvious thing is that they want the animals alive with shit bags intact. They love it!

Well, if they cannot cut the heads of infidels, why not use cattle ans sheep instead. They are a disgusting mob. That fucking stick insect is in the same shithole basket as them - trying to buy her seat at the UN.

Awassi Express detained in Freemantle for testing of the ventilation system.

Interesting that followers of the A.L.P. – the Party which brought in the “White Australia Policy” and former A.L.P. Federal Leader, Arthur Calwell’s famous “Two Wongs don’t make a White”, are always the first to use the word “racist” against their opponent when they are losing an argument.

Their U.S.A. socialist colleagues in the Democratic Party, are the same crowd who fought against Abraham Lincoln – the first Republican President – to retain slavery and via Democrat, Nathan Bedford Forrest, were the founders of the Ku Klux Klan (well known for their similarly ‘progressive’ socialist attitude to other races). Abraham Lincoln was shot dead by John Wilkes Booth, a pro-slavery Democrat. Martin Luther King, a Republican, was shot dead by James Earl Ray, a Democrat.

Their fraternal socialist colleagues in Germany were a peaceful little bunch led by a bloke with a funny toothbrush moustache and were known as the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi’s), who had similar forthright ‘progressive’ socialist views on race.

Wherever you look around the world, there is much which binds “progressive” socialists together – and all of it is bad.

With suitable short term notice, Our government should ban the export of live animals and regulate the transport of them, within Australia. This would be the actions of a civilised country. I am not a greenie.

Some years ago a live Sheep ship was anchored at sea off Jordan, cargo diseased the reason, Australian Government sent Vets to inspect Sheep passed in good health before being loaded. Sheep in good condition Vets reported. Still no port clearance so Australian Government paid for the Sheep and shipment to Africa as foreign aid. Real story, business competition in the ME. Now the video taken by a ME crew member?????

The issue here as I see it is that if Australia bans live exports of cattle and sheep then there'll be a call for more Islamic immigration so they can kill them here and export the meat, but if only .07% refugees are working after 5 years, how does that work?

Thank you so much Larry for highlighting this issue; do I feel gutted at the onboard treatment of these poor creatures - absolutely, are my worst fears realised when these critters arrive at their destination - you bet. How we as a nation sleep at night knowing what ghoulish torturous horror we send these creatures to is had to comprehend. The mute world know and understand the Arab-African Muslins are some of the most unhinged, uncivilised barbaric subhuman criminal savages ever to walk the earth yet knowing this and witnessing it first hand we still persist in engaging this unethical medieval barbaric practice. Shame on Me and Every Australian for suffering this act of Evil. Humane slaughter in Australia and refrigerated container shipped is the solution and provides Aussie jobs.

That stupid little asshole Soupspoon is on the ABC complaining that there are there are too many Anglo CEO's and not enough of other races in our business world and is talking about quota's. Do we actually pay this little waste of space for this total bullshit?

Islamic schools in Australia… Such a thing should not exist. What fool pays the Enemy to school it's soldiers. They are receiving instructions from the same Terror Manual, the Qur'an, that Every Single ISIS fighter study and believe in......How can they not expect the same results when they are all Reading and Learning from the Exact same Terror Inspiring Book, the Qur’an. We give all our school children the Same Maths, English and Science books to ensure they all achieved the same outcomes...What do they expect as a different outcome, from the Followers of Islam, when they are studying a book that has inspired nearly Every Terror event in the last 10 years...But that is just my Humble opinion....or did I miss something..

Nothing in Australia should have to be Halal....Islam should not be here in the First place for this to even have to be discussed, let alone the fact we are Forced to pay it for some items....They know exactly what they can eat and What is HALAL, let them work it out if it is so important to THEM......Why does it have to be MY Problem and Cost???

Why we must pander islam and muslims makes me sick. All practicing muslims should go to a muslim country - and get out of ours. Australia is not for them.

Clearly religious slaughter without stunning as carried out by Muslim and Jewish religious fanatics should be banned in Australia. They can do what they like once the animal is stunned. Nearly all Halal slaughter in Australia uses stunning. The media is more tongue tied over Jewish religious killing of livestock than Muslim.

I spent another weekend. In Brunswick. Hala food everywhere. Exclusive Islamic frock shops. Get a life. Australians sell the anumals. Australians ship the animals. They fully understand what will happen. They are happy accomplices.

An unnamed Vic Labor MP is quoted in todays' Herald/Sun as saying Bull Shitten should change seats from Maribyrnong, to the new safer-Labor seat of "Fraser". He said: "Maribyrnong would remain 'a plum seat' for 'another quality candidate'". "Another quality candidate"??? Just how many OTHER cowardly accused child-molesting rapists have the A.L.P. got waiting in the wings for preferential allocation of safe A.L.P. seats? They must have a particularly low opinion of Western Suburbs voters if they feel that only A.L.P. rank and vile members accused of acts of child molestation and rape, can adequately represent them. Meanwhile, our A.L.P.-appointed Plods keep snoring on the job. They confect dummy charges against Cardinal Pell, and ignore first-hand charges against Bull Shitten.

The soup man on the ABC (of course) whining about the ethnic makeup of the top business men in aussie business, Not enough ethnics, His own job is an appointed one and certainly not dependent on real life results! This is the guy at the head of a semi gov, job who went trawling for complaints against his so called Human rights rules, because there was not enough to satisfy the malcontents on the left.Maybe he thinks that suitable ethnics should be parachuted into the top jobs just like he has been, no performance no job, unlike his own position i would suspect,