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Thursday, 18th January 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I HAVE BECOME UN-AUSTRALIAN...and it’s not a nice feeling

Watching an Australian play tennis in a Grand Slam event was always must tele for me and the household would be woken with my shouts over a bad line call. Now my family gets a good night’s sleep because I couldn’t give a stuff about line calls... in fact I couldn’t even give a stuff who wins!

Worse than that I find myself barracking for the Australian’s opponent... wow I have never done that. Nick Kyrgios is not, and is never likely to be, in the top echelon of players. 

Like a couple of his compatriots he is capable of making the top but has no respect for the game. And an unhealthy interest in his own appearance that leaves him concentrating on the big screen instead of his tennis.

And Sam Stosur is frustrating beyond belief. She needs to curtail her interest in the same sex and concentrate on the game. 

But there is a pool of top Australian sportspeople who couldn’t care less about Australia and they include footballers and a certain boxer of Aboriginal descent.

What has happened to the Famechons and Roses, the Cuthberts and Stricklands, the Sedgemans and Rosewalls?

They all took to the world’s stage as Australians determined to do their country proud, not shame it.

My sporting interests have waned now that there is no interest in who wins, (except for teams that play Collingwood) but unfortunately someone must win...

 and Australian politics isn’t any better.



I'm being invaded... see ya in a few days



It's not only in sport Larry. Everywhere you look is the same. Only a few pockets here and there of the old Australia.( Do they still call it that any more?). We are lucky to have the memories. Don't even turn the TV on here any more.. not many real Aussies left on there either

Tomic and Kyrios both OUT . There is a GOD. >>> Poor old Stosir never developed a backhand ( unless it is under the sheets) . Shes a good LAY ................... On Betfair after round 2.

Another tantrum from loser Kyrios - he needs to be wiped out the Aus team for ever. Excuses , excuses what a bad sportsman ashamed he classes himself as Australian

This is the way forward for the main political parties - Multiculturalism. One does not have to assimilate into the Australian community. Way back in Howard's reign, I was informed this after a response from one of his staffers, Mr Wing Wong, stating that assimilation was bad as it denied them of their heritage. Go figure, that was Howard's government, nothing has changed since.

Give ALA a say.

Unfortunately I have felt the same way for a long time now. I loved test cricket, but now who cares and as for AFL since it has become the game of the politically correct I never take any interest any more. I think we are now living on a different planet to these iphone addicted morons of today.

Labor's Chris Bowen has been on the public teat since he left school. He has never had a 'real' job.

Joining the ALP at 15, Chris worked for State and federal politicians and for the Finance Sector Union before entering Parliament. He also spent many years on the Fairfield Council and was mayor at the age of 25.

The number of Australians being paid pensions while living overseas has almost tripled in two ­decades, costing taxpayers nearly $800 million a year to maintain.

More than 81,000 age pensioners and 6500 disability support pensioners were living overseas in December, receiving all or part of their Australian pension, while pensioners from about 30 other countries living in Australia are required to access their home country entitlements first.

Social Services Minister Christian Porter wants to enforce the “residency-based nature of Australia’s welfare system” but welfare amendments limiting Age Pension portability have stalled in the Senate, with Labor opposing the moves.

The cohort of pension recipients living overseas is in addition to the 3.6 million Australian households who are officially listed as net beneficiaries of government payments.

These households, ­including 1.9 million of working age, get more back in benefits than they pay in income tax. They are typic­ally age pensioners or parents with young children ­receiving family tax benefits.

While the government has ­focused on the tax burden onshore, it has a growing problem offshore. In 1993 almost 23,000 age pensioners and 8455 people on the DSP lived overseas, while a total of 87,791 pensioners were supported in 2013.

In the 2013 breakdown of data, most of the pensioners live in Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, which stumbled after the global ­financial crisis, leading to a European debt crisis that counted on austerity measures to save future government programs, including generous pension arrangements.

Greece particularly has had to claw back pension entitlements which it paid out on early retirements and, in some cases, paid people more in old age than they received while working.

There are more people in Greece on pensions than are ­currently working.

More than 17,000 Australian age and disability pensioners were living in Italy for more than six months in 2013 while 13,500 were in Greece, 4328 in Spain and ­almost 2200 in Britain.

The largest cohort outside ­Europe are Australian pensioners living in New Zealand. While the international ­arrangements are supposed to be quid pro quo, some have expired or been amended.

Britain no longer indexes its pension rate for those living in Australia, which places more pressure on the Australian system. “The annual combined cost of these is $765.4m,” Mr Porter told The Australian, “$660.8m from the Age Pension and $104.6m from the DSP.

“The government has proposed to, subject to the passage of legislation, reduce the period that the Age Pension (and a small number of other payments with indefinite portability) can be paid outside Australia at the basic (means-tested) rate from 26 weeks to six weeks.

To receive a full pension, a ­person must have worked for at least 35 years in Australia.

“After six weeks overseas, a pensioner will have their pension rate adjusted according to their working life residence in Australia. For example, a person with 17 years of working life residence would receive 17/35ths of the pension they would receive if they stayed in Australia.

“This measure will provide savings of $168.4m over the forward estimates, which Labor has ­opposed. This change reinforces the strong residency based nature of Australia’s welfare system.”

A spokeswoman for Labor’s campaign said the proposed changes, which it opposes, would affect 190,000 “migrant pension­ers”, including those who want to travel abroad for more than six weeks as well as the almost 90,000 who live permanently overseas.

In April, disability support pensioner Museref Ozcan, 42, won the right to have her pension reinstated with unlimited portability so she could live with her husband in Cyprus. She qualified for the DSP in late 2013, primarily because of her anxiety and depression.

She travelled to Cyprus in June 2014 and her pension was cut off six weeks later. A decision by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal last month, however, reinstated her payment and qualified her for indefinite travel while on it.

AAT member Gordon Hughes wrote in his decision: “On the basis of the medical evidence ... the applic­ant is suffering a severe psychiatric impairment ... the impairment will persist for at least five years (and in all probability indefin­itely) and the impairment will in all probability prevent her from performing any work ... within the next five years.”

The Coalition tried to cut the portability rules for people on the DSP from six weeks to four weeks in the 2014 budget, which it said would save $12.3m, but was left embarrassed after The Australian revealed the “integrity measure” would cost $15.9m instead.

In another AAT decision, a Romanian-born Australian citizen living in Turkey had his Age Pension rate reduced after living overseas for more than 26 weeks when it began to be paid pro-rata for the time he had spent working in Australia. He appealed but lost.

When newsreaders or sporting commentators mention the names Tomic or Kirgios my mind switches off as I am not at all interested what either of them progressed to or achieved overnight or anything else assosciated with them. They may possess Australian passports but neither of them is Australian and as far as I am concerned, never will be. Dickhead, brainless louts claiming to be Australian whose matches should be boycotted. They have had their fifteen minutes of fame and failed.

Olympics lost me when it turned professional. It amuses me when someone says something like keep politics out of sport. Sport is all about politics and always has been.

Evidently Larry Nick Kyrgios was one of those kids who his mother never smacked

14 % who cares better if it was 100 %

Once sport becomes professional, truly professional in that one’s career and finances rely totally upon it, patriotism goes out the window.
Like a university student who can’t get into his chosen professional course and drops back to teaching I think most sport people are happy to represent another country if it advances themselves.
No, patriotism is dead , what do you expect when you flood your country with every half breed sub human piece of mongrel shit on the face of the earth?

Yeh I am waiting for the All White Round in the AFL, to celebrate the Whites contribution to the game.

Americanism has crept into Australian sports people , money ,glamour and a big dose of rudeness .

Larry, your last line nails it.

Ruby LGBT covers a wide spectrum and I'm not surprised at all.

Just wait for the next generation Rubyred. They are going to be so confused about their sexuality by the time our schools are finished with them, you are going to find the suicide rate will explode.

I think the police have to deal with so many crazies now - the same with the paramedics and Ambulance men that it is a wonder they can get anyone to join. They then get the runaround from the politicians and the Judiciary. I cannot imagine they would treat a fellow policewoman from the Ethics standards like that. They should be sentenced for assault and put in gaol if that is true. I don't believe the majority are like that.

It was reported today that the rate of suicides in LGBT people is 14% more than the population. Just sayin!

Pat Rafter, for me, epitomized great Australian tennis players and it was a shame he was plagued with leg cramps that eventually saw the end of his playing career. An all-round Mr Nice Guy. A gentleman on and off the court.