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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



The reason for tampering with a ball is to vary the ball’s flight upredictably in order to confuse the batsmen. So why then is polishing one side of the ball acceptable and roughing up the other side not acceptable? 

Why then is using unadulterated spit okay to enhance the shiny side but not the mint-flavoured spit South Africa's du Plessis was found guilty of.

Fast bowlers tampering with the pitch to form footmarks for spinners to use is also okay, so I’m getting utterly tired of watching Test cricket, let alone that Big Bash bullshit.

The rules surrounding tampering of any sporting equipment should at least be made consistent! In the meantime, I’m far happier and better-entertained watching AFL.

Token Muslim player, Usman Khawaja, couldn’t hit the water if he fell out of a boat and couldn’t catch a cold in Greenland without lying about it, yet he complains about wearing the team's VB beer logo but is happy to promote Australia’s homosexual airline, QUAINTARSE and the crooked, non-Shariah usurer, the CBA bank.  

I'm over it... Australia now looks certain to lose this Test series to the Yarpies and really....who bloody cares?     



What are They Plotting in Poland



Q. "Is ball tampering illegal"? A. Just ask the A.L.P.'s Milton "The Molester" Orkopoulos that question - despite being a bone-headed numbskull Labor pollie and pervert, even HE might have managed to work it out by now. Its illegality is in inverse proportion to the specific ball-size, which might explain why Milton is still residing in Her Majesty's Pleasure-House with the bars on the windows..

The British Empire didnt get where it was, by playing ''Cricket '' by the Rules !

Your right Larry you shouldn't be able to do anything with the ball including spit or rubbing on pants. Its a bit like in AFL where the taking of a panadeine is outlawed but the jab of a needle in the knee to numb soreness is OK.

Yep too.


"Ball-Tampering" that sounds like a sport that "Lunchbox" Lambie may be interested in.

While we sell this country to foreigners, allow banks to create interest bearing loans that contradict Christian law and while we allow our justice system to forget about treating people with justice and MERCY we create a great hue and cry about an admittedly foolish act of roughing up a cricket ball. Gawd help us!

A bit late in reading this, but well said Larry.

And so say all of us!

The noble expression about how you play the game is a Greek historian’s fifth-century B.C. reference to the Olympians. He wrote, “Tis not for Money they contend, but for Glory”. It resurfaced in 1927 when the great sportswriter Grantland Rice wrote, “For when the great scorer comes to write against your name, He marks not that you won or lost but how you played the game.”

Stormy Daniels to be signed up to the Aussie cricket team

Because she is ........

C'mon, have a guess.....

Notice The Betting company in the background...Given Cricket's corruption due to betting scandals does anyone else see the Irony??

With the Commonwealth Games about to commence , what example are the cricket elites setting for our upcoming sportsmen and women when they agreed to cheat ?They've tarnished our reputation for decades to come . If the whole leadership team condoned this action then they should all be dismissed .

Seeing the darkies are always complaining about being treated as black good for nothing I reckon because the white fellas who play cricket should be banished to beyond the black stump and be replaced with a mob of darkies from the bush ; Long time ago a mob of real blackfellas took on the Poms at their own game and thrashed them so lets put a bit of life back into the game and do it again , for the fun of it .

G'day Larry your short cut thingy doesn't work, it keeps telling me that there is an error and it doesn't talk with a server somewhere .

They should forfeit their pay as they have shamed the people who pay If they were going to cheat at least be smart about it. They looked ridiculous. The cameras make them, so why shouldn't they assume the cameras are watching every move they make?

Say it ain't so, Steve.

And a cartoon as well !

I can feel a brilliant ball tampering carton on the assembly line.

Further dirt is now coming out that Bancroft was shown putting sugar in his pockets during the last ashes test. When will all this dirt stop?