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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


After Brexit We need Clexit

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Malcolm Turnbull signed Australia on to the Paris Climate Agreement. This appalling document should be forever draped around his neck like a dead albatross.

Acknowledgements: Steve Hunter

& The Carbon Sense Coalition

Now we learn he has engineered an Emissions Trading Scheme as part of our green tributes to Paris.
The ALP and the Greens would have gone even further than Turnbull into the European climate swamp. They should also be awarded the ODA – the Order of the Dead Albatross.

Australia must withdraw from the dreadful Paris agreement before it can be ratified.

We need our own CLEXIT – climate exit from the energy vandals of Europe.



I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits

Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?


We will not be remotely free while we have a toe-rag traitor as PM.

Turnbull – “it doesn’t matter”
"..........On the ABC’s Lateline program, host Tony Jones asked Tony Abbott about Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal leadership:
“Is the party ready for a socially progressive small-L liberal, whose policy positions are barely distinguishable from the Labor Party’s? … Here is the Turnbull agenda …”
Captain’s call
Overlooking a good deal, and moving ahead to November 24, 2009, we find our hero, as leader, attending a Liberal party room meeting at which all MPs give speeches on the emissions trading scheme (ETS).
Most MPs spoke against it because of its potentially disastrous effect on jobs, industry and the nation’s economic strength, and it had not been shown that it would have any good effects. Turnbull made a “leader’s call” to continue supporting it. Stories later emerged of Turnbull verbally abusing colleagues in the meeting.Three days later there were mass resignations from the frontbench.
Turnbull on ABC radio publicly attacked the conservatives who had resigned. Meanwhile, the Labor party praised Turnbull for his cooperation.
Julia Gillard said: “I would like to pay tribute to Mr Turnbull. Mr Turnbull has been acting constructively, in the nation’s interests, on this matter.”
On November 29, 2009, in an interview with Laurie Oakes on Channel Nine’s Today show, Turnbull, apparently in need of a Bex, a cup of tea and a good lie down, attacked Liberal Senate leader Nick Minchin in terms that combined disloyalty with wrong-headedness:
“The climate change war that Nick Minchin and his wreckers have started, will continue to destroy the Liberal Party until such time as we are destroyed by Kevin Rudd in an election … If Nick Minchin wins, if he wins this battle, he condemns our party to irrelevance … If we put the party back together, in accordance with Nick Minchin’s wishes, then we will end up becoming a fringe party of the far right.”
This was rich coming from one whose Newspoll approval figures as leader of the opposition had never reached 30 per cent and often not 20 per cent.
One commentator remarked: “In giving such an interview, Turnbull is desperately trying to protect the emissions trading scheme, and his leadership, by sabotaging any future Liberal Party leader who would oppose the scheme. So fanatical is Turnbull that he would rather see the Liberal Party destroyed than be led and controlled by anyone other than him.”....................."

And UN-exit!

From Andrew Bolt's column. - One of Mr Turnbull’s most senior backers, Cabinet secretary Arthur Sinodinos, put potential Coalition troublemakers on notice on Thursday by arguing that regardless of the margin on Saturday, Mr Turnbull’s authority would be absolute.

“If Malcolm Turnbull wins this election, he will have greatly enhanced authority within the Liberal Party,” Senator Sinodinos said, amid concerns conservatives allied to Tony Abbott will seek to exert more influence in terms of policy and positions if the win is not emphatic.

That's a scary prospect - MT having ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY! Which is what he wants. He can then sign Australia up to whatever climate change rip offs he supports.

A pox on those 54 cowards who sold their souls to keep their seats.

The children are taught this rubbish, it will be a long time until they are able to think for themselves, if ever.

Clexit, UNexit...Things yet to be done for Australia to prosper, unnecessary shackles to break out of. Why do people run off to Paris and the UN to be enslaved, shackled and made to pay through their nose over nothing?

This explains it quite simply. But they want a reason to tax us in spite of the likely scenario of a mini ice age due to the sun 'going to sleep.'

Imagine if Turdball and his entourage attended the climate summit and their muslim mates makes a surprise visit ... KABOOM!

bit hard with this one Viv...Brexit was tangible...people could see the fucking Islamic cockroaches and niggers running around the U.K. committing crimes and demanding everything under the sun debasing British society...these filth were never Immigrants...they are just "Givemegrants"...traitorous leftist bureaucrats would discriminate against British people in favour of these fucking low life's...the British have had enough...but you see this other fraud and International religion of the Godless leftist and Communists "Global Warming"..takes on mystical powers to the brain dead leftists and moronic followers of anything they don't gullible and the perpetrators of this fraud can see power and profit using the uneducated "stupids" for control as its easy with them.

Malcolm Turnbull signed the exact pledge the former Prime Minister TONY ABBOTT committed us to before his exit, if he were a Labourite we would call it a LAND MINE
But many overlook the many Abbott faults, misplaced loyalty.
To add insult to injury the Nationals insisted MT sign a contract NOT TO CHANGE Abbott's decision.
Skeptics are short on facts or memory.

Fix the page, Viv. There's too much white space.

Love the dead duck. I know it's supposed to be an albatross but it looks like a dead duck.

After Saturday, Turnbull will have three years to run this country anyway he wants without the need to ask the people.

Would love it to happen, but it won't. People are too brainwashed