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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



I hope ABC has enough cameras to film all the kiddies on Friday.. I also hope a few Avi's are there asking awkward questions.

Oh wow Paul, you could not have picked a better story to put across what is going on. Love it.

Mad Hatters tea party for sure Paul.Gold :-)0

I'm not sure about picturing the "R"Abbott, who had the temerity to call out global warming as 'Crap'

Classic Paul.

Abbott's latest stupidity is the last straw for me. He has learned nothing.

Who is Alice? Definitely Turd is off with the Pixies! But hasn’t he always!

Abbott has lost it. The Paris Agreement is crap. Trump pulled out, China and Russia take no notice but play politics with lies. So do many other countries. Australia should follow USA and pull out. When Trudeau is defeated then Canada will also pull out.

Malcolm based that thought on internal polling of marginal electorates and when told of the 40 Polls he lost he said you don't worry about them , well he used those same polling results to remove Abbott .

Silly old bugger.

See Zalice we can all enjoy a piece of the pie if you just let me help you onto your seat and do all that I tell you to do.I have the Greatest Knowledge and Experience of playing the game.Anyone get in your way and I will provide the bus.Just ask the PRO.She was Independent as well.Stick with Climate Control all will benefit.The sheeple can be led to that way of thinking with our Friends the GREENS.

Agreeing with elliedog. The biggest mistake the Liberal party has made was to take on Turnbull. His party of choice was the Labour Party. They had the sense to reject him. His narcisism won’t allow him to shut up. Mark Latham’s little ditty - Roses are red, Violets are blue, this poor dickhead hasen’t a clue.

Malcolm claims the Libs didn’t want him to win. That would mean the Libs would be happy with a big paycut which would happen if they were in opposition. It is not in any politicians makeup to voluntarily seek a paycut. Whatever Mal is smoking or ingesting he wants to stop taking it right now as he is making a complete dickhead of himself and all that voted for him.

Malcolm in the muddle.

OOFF with his Head.Although the Queen of somebodies hearts doesn't seem to want to play anymore.Taken her Dorothy shoes and put in the Museum and is gone for better pastures. Like that saying though "A BAD smell is hard to get rid of"."A BAD penny always turns up". There ain't no Alice in our Parliament just a lot of CRUELLA De Villes believing in their own advertising they ain't being paid enough.Certainly have learnt to take deep breaths when their heads are in the trough.Look at the Assembly line of Labor and those that have not produced enough paper work to say they have the right to sit in Parliament.

Alice is the problem!

If there were no "Alices", then the crap would stop. Pandering to all of this feminine feelly good, touchy uppy stuff, well, it has to stop.

We need a MAN. A man with Balls, big bastards. Proper cohones, ones that swing and sway with the breeze, not the politics of favour.

Smart strategic move by Tones. Taking the wind out of the GetUp candidate's sails.

The lot of them are behaving like there is Magic Mushroom juice in the tea...

Give TA a break- just listen to all of his statement , not just the ABC's half report !

Another example of Turnbull’s ego twisted mind. He is a buffoon that cannot see he was kicked out because he was not only useless but more importantly a stooge for the socialist centre left.

The only madness is that the party ever allowed him to join the party and then allowed the socialist lefts that infiltrated the party to elect him as leader. Shame on all of them as the party may never recover from this monstrous mistake.

Graeme Crawford

‘Peculiarly Australian madness’
Malcolm Turnbull has lashed out at the Liberals on the BBC, with a stunning version of why he was ousted as PM