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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Too much time trying to do the hokey pokey and not enough marching.

That is good Paul. A cartoon can say so much so simply.

can fellows like scumo sleep at night ,he must realize he is a big goose running around trying to cut power prices ,wanting to pump water uphill ,give money away a shiver looking for a backbone .

Ripper Paul. Scomo our fencesitter (who is fast running out of time) can't decide which side to fall on.

Nailed it Paul.

Spot on again, thanks Paul.


Beauty ! Just about RIGHT ...

Gee wouldn't it be good if all three are LEFT RIGHT out in the next election, include that self-serving poof Zimmerman.

He's supposed to respresent me, My arse! Ooops! I meant his.

Reminds if of doing rookies, left- right, left-right, left right left.

Everyone should check their Labor and Greens candidates actual residential addresses compared to that on the electoral role for some have moved into other electoral areas and are campaigning in where they used to live

It seems that after watching Bolt tonight that the Morrison Govt is allowing a bunch of rabid leftist scumbags into the Country for a Marxist convention, to be held ( wait for it) in Melbournistan! So they allow those shit heads in but not Milo! Seems the ScoMo character in this cartoon should be going Left, left, left!

Love the goosestep of the extreme left, that's exactly how it would be if the bastards were ever voted in.

This is a classic. Oh! the Green Thing......perfect.

HAHA another classic Paul. Would look good framed on the wall.

Lov3 it so true it makes me cry.

I still miss the turtle though. ;-))

Absolute GOLD......You nailed it Paul.....Well done.

Love it!