The Pickering Post
Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



at her age if she knows what day it is or take her meds on time it is a major accomplishment

If she doesn’t move in there and sack half of the bastards and change things there the. This will be just another con job. I half agree with many Posters that she is too old and as far as I am concerned she should b enjoying her retirement. To say straight off there is no bias shocked me.

It's a brave and unexpected move. Best of luck, Ita.

Gotta love that smile.
Go get 'em Ita.

Good appointment - we wish you well Ita.

Good choice.

I wouldn't be writing Ita off too quickly but I have to agree, she is walking into a minefield flanked with the enemy, ready to shoot on sight.

If Ita steps out of line there is a whole bunch to bitch and set her up.Be working on a knifes edge. Can't see her doing what we would like to see being done.Clean the dead wood out.She is there to control the flow of money if possible.

Who is the male in the spotlight? Imagine there will be a few, both male and female, who will be feeling a little uncomfortable right now and a little out of their comfort zone as progressively their blatant leftwing/socialist/communist/green leanings will be scrutinised and hopefully reined in. Hope so anyhow.

Perhaps somebody can explain why Buttrose was appointed as Chairman of the ABC. She wasn't even on the panel of contenders under consideration. What has she done to deserve such a position? I would have thought a business burning up billions of tax payer money requires somebody with vast business and worldly experience. to be chairman. Unfortunately the opportunity to change the culture of the ABC has been lost with this appointment and we will continue have biased reporting undermining this once great country. What a shame. Obviously the Government is being directed by the populist movement of MeTo and GetUp and is trying to nullify their expanding influence on the upcoming election. However, they won't for his party anyway.

Love the sweat.

Looks like GayBC makeup dept can work miracles.

Hey Paul Z...You like her don't you.....
You have been very kind. HA!

This will burn the pretentious old queen .lol

will new broom sweep clean

Nice Paul... Very Nice. But how will she turn-out in the long run..? It's well know that she believes the Greens to be a sick joke. I suppose that is a start.

Bring in the Clean-skin who hasn't been corrupted by the ABC Machine or the Labour/Greens.....I am so looking forward to seeing how this pans out, but I suppose the only way it can really go is Up anyway......