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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



I believe that Paul really nailed the thinkers attitude to the stick insects resignation .The whole country should be celebrating

You can feel the weight lifted off our national shoulders by the resignation of this intolerable bitch. The only difference between her and Gillard was she had a better hairdresser.
Good riddance ! A day of national celebration if ever there was one because we don't have much to celebrate these days.

I wonder if she'll score an ambassadorship or something like Joe Hockey got ?

Now watch her do a Turnbull and throw a heap of grenades from outside the walls....

Latham gave her a great goodbye on seven this morning a leaker worse then Rudd and a good user of the knife , Kennett and the 7 girls all though she was great

Great cartoon! I bet it's very close to the mark.

Good riddance to the slag,

The monkey off of his back.

Ha ha, I feel the same as your cartoon Paul. I saw the smile on Scomo's face. Or was it a slight smirk.

Woo Hoo is correct.
The more the lefty journo's try to tell the story that we will now lose the greatest WOMAN who ever worked in the Liberal party and could have been our best PM ...the more we see what utter BS they spread with this fake support. She truly was a player for herself and always wanted to be PM for herself first, for WIMMIN second and at the expense of anyone who stood in her way. She was respected until she allowed, participated in the demise of TA for a easier weakling target she could ride her way to being PM at a later date....all lost , she failed....disappointing many. She could have been been a great success if she had only played the game with honesty and loyalty and not just been a show girl and fashion clothes rack.

Ha,ha! Whoo Hoo!

And once upon a time she was one we could admire.

Bashup will be hoping her Mate Shortarse punts her into a nice high paying diplomatic job if Labor wins the election. Payment for services provided.

Good riddance! She's nothing more than a United Nations stooge, that we unfortunately have had to pay for. She was giving Australian Taxpayers money away like a drunken sailor.

Better to go before the Punters oust her.

Good riddance

Very funny and so apt


Mr.Zanetti: You did not forget The Good Old Dried Out STICK wearing her RED Power Shoes costing unbelievable Dollars paid by the Taxpayer.Lets all hope that she will click her heels and go back to South Australia never to return.Fade into oblivion catching the Political Train to nowhere.

A person who totally believed her own bullshit. A trouble making behind the scenes manipulator with both eyes firml fixed on the Prime Ministership of Australia.