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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



This cartoon is quality. The comment is very close to the bone and has a wider comment that should appeal to thinking Australians. Morrison clearly is floundering over the whole project and his inability to save it is well portrayed. Trad is certainly heading to getting her 'dinner' and does not have any other prey. This is a thinking persons cartoon.

Why all the fuss about the black throated finch? Adani is in the desert west of Mackay. Nothing was said about Plukkachook's sprawling solar farms near Hughenden and Ayr both of which intruded on the finch's natural habitat in the far north and central west. Recent fires and floods have endangered the area and the finches have moved further south and west to Birdsville and Longreach. In any case, Adani was always a greenie con. Always. Plukkachook submitted to the greens because Labor is on the nose in regional Queensland and she knows Shorten is banking on green preferences to help nail the Federal election. Was the rat in the birdcage a lefty judge?

If Trad were a moderate straight down the middle she'd made a good Labor Premier because she is an intelligent caring Lady nothing like the woman in charge now who should be working in a school tuckshop

Trad has ambitions of being Premier of Queensland one day and with the number of snowflake leftards living in Queensland her dream will more than likely come true, sad to say.

Great work, Paul.

Oh, what a picture....... the faces on Trad and Plucka've excelled yourself.

Campbell Newman had to go, he was too tough on Queenslanders.

Excellent cartoon Paul!!

Hi Paul, you must be in a great bio-rythymn. Latest batch of cartoons have been spot on. Keep it up.

Commie Queensland premier has sold out all of us.

CLASSIC !!!!!! A barrel of laughs.So sad that it is TRUE.