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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



The government, ALL governments have their eyes on that $2.5 Trillion Superannuation nest egg.
One way or the other they are going to take it, all at once like Menzies, or bit by bit. The income and contributions into Treasury Bonds is my bet.

It's the "Cargo Cult Party"

Surely no one is stupid enough to vote for this mob - and why hasn't the LNP shouted Shorten, Bowen and Burke's ridiculous policies from the roof top?

Why hasn't ScoMo trumpeted this from the rooftops; pamphlets from the air; TV (for those who can still afford electricity); advertisements......? Once again, we the shivering older populace, are to be fleeced. Next move will be to take our modest homes and give them to the "deserved". That leaves us as skin and bones, no dwelling, no money - off to the knackers yard (cheaper than burying us).

I reach compulsory retirement age in my employment this year! What a predicament! The likelihood that these arse oles will be in power does nothing for me!

Why havent we seen a simple a direct ad alerting the public to the fact that the rapist is planning a $200 billion dollar tax grab in his policies? Even the monumentally stupid should be reminded that this means $8000 for every single man, woman, deranged gender bender and child in the country. A family of four lose $32000 and a muslim family with four wives and 27 kids would in effect lose $232000. It is just that simple. except of course we know the muslims wont lose anything because for them everything is free and their pensions will just go up anyway sorry skip that example.

Approx 29% are over age 55. Hopefully that percentage can sink the prick.

Haha Paul. Let's hope Bullshitten's brain fart backfires on him.

Very Good Cartoon. The Best Cartoon was of Turtle Neck when he was getting a dressing Down by the REDHEADED FABIAN WENCH.He had his lips drawn like a pusses butt hole with his checks a bright red from a red hot poker shoved up his butt by JuLIAR.That ws for being over budget like the sky was the limit with all the COUNTRY WERLFARE SHOPPERS COMING IN.NOW SHORTONBRAINS and his Motley CREW as well as his UNION THUGS can't get enough into the COUNTRY.We are well and TRUELY F.......D. With all the promises made by the Alleged Rapist someone has to pay.The Unions will want their INTEREST Paid Back for the money that they lent out of the WORKERS SUPERANNUATION FUND.

Death Taxes planned as well. They just love other people's money. Why bother working and building wealth for yourself and your family when Shortonbrains and his ilk will take it and give it to those that couldn't be bothered doing the same (or maybe they just pissed it up against a wall or put into a few poker machines or bookies bags) . How dare you be rich when others are struggling, you bastard. Let us help you become poor by giving your money to others. Totally corrupt communist dead shits.

That shadow treasurer bloke was a councillor at Liverpool, a Sydney western suburb, when a state Labor MLA was murdered, shot dead on his driveway by an assassin. Police found that the murder was arranged by a Labor Vietnamese Australian Councillor at Liverpool who wanted the position of MLA, he ended up in prison. While held on remand the murder suspect continued to be paid with ratepayer's monies, and while in prison held Chinese New Year parties inside with large numbers of guests from outside and an outside caterer. The Labor Minister for Corrective Services denied all knowledge of the events.

Haha. Reverse Mediscare. Hit the phones!

Thieving pricks. Send them DOWN.

They're a very dangerous mob.