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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Zanetti, this says it all .. brilliantly conceived.

The real racists are those who deny and cover up the brutality to aboriginal women and children by their husbands, fathers and other male relatives. I wonder how they would cope if they spent a day in the life of the victims. It would certainly bring it home to them that the violence is very real and very dangerous.

Just another pathetic activist who calls others racists when they have no response to any discussion - she is a disgrace -

Bull Dykes can be lost for words when challenged. Their lips flap like flaps.

The token Jap Sheila at CH10. The most offensive POS when it comes to Ben Roberts. Should have had her in court.

Thanks Paul, exactly what happens and the facial expressions are perfectly drawn.

Aborigines need our help as they suffer medical conditions through poor if not absent hygiene practices, need our help to feed, clothe and shelter as they din’t like to work. More should be done in educating them as they show no interest in learning even to the extent of stuffing berries in their lug holes so they can’t hear....the list goes on, yes they need our help.

According to something I just read on line, that appalling, ignorant, shrieker has been receiving death threats on social media.

Could have been one of those ATSIC (Aborigines Talking Shit In Canberra) air conditioned indigenous mob.

Always look on the dark side of life ......

Those seeking to divide the country over race are deploying the exact tactics used by the Nazi fascists, they are nothing more FemoNazi. Kerri Anne is being vilified in the same way Sonia Kruger was when she called out the abuse of women and young girls by another cultural group within Australia. I come from a fairly large extended family, mostly led by very strong willed Matriarchs that fiercely defend their daughter's rights to make whatever choices they want, whether they agree with them or not. Most of those families are like a lion pride where the Lionesses rule and the Lions know the consequences if they step out of line. I saw a doco years ago called 'Hear the Lioness Roar' about the power of women as Mother, protector and provider caring, nurturing and fiercely protective.

That bitch should be taken from her comfy abode and dropped into some black fella camp on the outskirts of Alice Springs to feel for herself what Kerry-Ann was talking about , she is an absolute bloody disgrace and I hope she gets the sack from her employment for her ignorant mindset

I just don't get why - when Aboriginals are depicted as needing as much help as they can get because they're unfairly treated in a 'white man's world' - are pictures presented of a filthy looking electric stove, looking as though it hasn't been cleaned since it was installed several years hence; a flush toilet that again, is in such a filthy state that it defies belief that anyone would use it, plus graffiti which covers the inside walls of a tax-payer funded house that an aboriginal family is supposed to live in?

All this says to me is that someone needs to stop living like a pig, then get busy cleaning up after themselves - like normal human beings are supposed to do.

Paul's cartoon captures everything that is wrong, deceitful, two faced and insincere about the aboriginal industry. Further it is a blight on the NT Police and administration for not taking a sufficiently heavy hand on this dreadful blot on our nation. Instead of the largesse handed out regularly to foreign appeals everything should be directed to wiping out this scourge of domestic violence, rape and the worst, the defiling of helpless little children. Banning grog is not an option because it can be easily by passed. A very heavy hand with the utmost severity on the perpetrators of these crimes is the only thing that they will respect and even if they don't respect it they should be made to fear it. There is no limit to the punitive measures I would take against any bloke who rapes a kid.

Didn't get it, at first. Then I looked at MIKES link below. Yeah, people just talk so much shite, make it up on the run. Should keep their mouths shut!

Bravo! Nailed it again, Paul. Hope KAK sees this!


The Lights were on but no one was at home.Empty vessels make the most noise. When is she going to be a Senator with 2 Daddies matching book ends.

Yep I think that feminazi virtue signaler got it very very very wrong....sexual abuse is endemic in abo settlements

Ripper Paul, I hope this gets into every paper in the country.