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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Contrary to their parents’ stance of prudent caution and personal responsibility, our education system are teaching our kids to think in terms of slogans and emotive motherhood clauses and to delegate all personal responsibility to government.

Our schools and universities are now recruiting grounds for the necessary “useful idiots” for the “long march”.

Am I now supposed to be my brother's keeper? If these idiots need drugs to have 'fun' then let them take the consequences.

Should a Government, state or Federal, provide drug testing centres at rave music shows and after a pill or batch of pills is tested and a death occurs after testing would this not leave the Government responsible and open to litigation? To those calling for pill testing wake up to yourselves. Drug taking is illegal and there is nothing new about that and providing testing centres would make Governments complicit. If a youth has not the brains or willpower or strength of character to say no to drugs and dies as a result is a victim of natural attrition.

Good one Paul but I can hear the lefties starting to scream now.
Now that Bill and Larry are gone, be prepared - you will be next on the hit list.
One thing lefties can't stand is the truth!

Larry & Bill Leak would be proud of that cartoon.......

You can't help someone who won't admit they have a problem. Responsibility is their own.

Put a "G" at the front of the party name and it could be an alternative for the "Greens" party

Take drugs, you die, no one really weeps because you have confirmed to the world you are a dead dickhead. You can always rely on the Darwin Theory, never lets you down ask the Islamic suicide bomber.

Amazing isn't it? Great work Paul!

After reading the comments below may I ask you all how responsible you mob were when in your younger days you got pissed on alcohol and made a mess of yourselves ?

"Personal Responsibility" ...I'm surprised a Lefty even knows how to spell the words.

HAHA. A few well deserved plaudits Paul.

It reminds me of the stupid bastard who told journalists how angry he was with PM Howard who would not send a helicopter to pick up his daughter trapped in New Orleans. There was at the time a no fly zone there.

In one corner The Police, in the other corner The Pill Test Unit, in the other Sniffer Dog Squad and in the other Paddy's Wagon.

We breed this type of person now. Saving them through the public system paid for by tax payers money is a waste. If they are so stupid not a lot can be done. The consequence of their stupid behaviour is death. The only thing that might work is for a first offence they are placed in secure camp for a minimum of six months with no external contact or leave. The camp would be strict and educational. Perhaps reintroduction of a compulsory national service would also straighten out much of the poor behaviour.

Testing of illegal drugs is a ridiculous notion. They are already classified as illegal because they are either highly addictive or highly dangerous - or both. What are the "Testing advocates" saying? Testing some drugs covers all? No it does not.Testing provides a safe dose/weight? No. Would testing be timely and relevant? Not likely. Testing and giving some drugs tacit approval would only be safe for sugar pills and even then some twit would take enough to get a "sugar high" and do something fatally stupid.

How bloody True.......Great work Paul.....

Well done Paul. Time people started taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions.