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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Not to mention taxing the arse off normal Australians, especially those due to retire with his plans of a retirement tax!

Yep! You neglected, however, to add his tits.

Labour will go after your Super so watch out people

Remember well the 20 million Gillard gave the unions for'training purposes' and Rudd's 500 millions x2 to set up 2 union banks something to do with superannuation and to be run by his mate Bernie retinol or similiar name. All to swell the Labor campaign coffers.

It should be a condition of becoming a politician that you have run a business in the Private sector for five years, same should go for Professor's.

Well done Paul. When will the electorate realise that a shorten government will be a union getup government. The liberals seem to let shorten and co. Get away with any thing.

i wonder what all the union thugs will get to do after the small businesses lay off half of their staff to cover for lost income

About the size of it.

Most of the Traffic Control firms are union owned.

I assume that union owned businesses are not small business then, or will be exempted?

Spot on, Paul.

I just read that in 2010/11 the CFMEU donated $1.120 million to GetUp which Bill Shorten helped to start up with AWU member's monies and became a director.

CFMEU showing doubt ! ? I work with CFMEU and firmly believe that they are graduating in to business men. Small examples , but I see genuine dedication to worker's welfare and investment in infrastructuer that benefits all , members and community. Left leaning Right , I wonder !!??

Did you know that Union shop stewards are trained in a special Union school to learn how to intimidate employers and con the workforce into believing that going out on strike is a good for them even though they don't get paid while the shop steward does ?