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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



100% Paul..the Rabbi and his little jewish mate -...

Yep. Happy New Year.

Voted for him to become leader twice. He failed after he pulled Dr Brendan Nelson out of that position and took it for himself. Undermined Tony Abbott from 2009 until 2015 and pulled him out of the Prime Minister position, and failed again.

The only remedy that the Left wood offer is to through bucket lodes of kesh at the alreddy dum teechers. How that wood improov the same munkys beets me.

Has anything promoted by the Labor , Left and Green , ever been successful ?

Very good Paul. Gonski is a classic.

What do you expect when the schools are flooded with migrant kids who's parents don't speak English at home and can not help their kids read text books or spelling practice. This is just one reason why we must insist on a reasonable standard of English for citizenship.

There are a couple of points in this excellent cartoon that point to the truth. The first is the amount of money thrown at education and spent by the lefty educators has totally failed. Unless the 'so called educators' concentrate on the basic education it will continue to fail. The second is the uncanny comparison of Turnbull with his predecessor, Fraser, who was also a left wing prime minister with the same attitudes that Turnbull has. Interesting is it not? They also share a name. I enjoy this cartoon. Well done Mr. Zanetti.

Paul, the little tree hugger on the right has surely turned his back on his first love?

By the way the same has taken place in the UK when the great educator Tony Blair was PM for Labour. These great educators actually want to dumb society down so that people become useless idiots.

It's all just hyperbowl which is where Juliar believes the Taliband plays.

Gonski and the great educator Julia Gillard done it.

The facts tell the truth but the fact that so many act like puppets , to the tune of Soros , is a very real example of "dummed down " education of the masses .

Yeah, no good at reading, writing or science, but can shout out loud and shout you down about “climate change”, racism, and Trump, Abbott bad! Clinton, Turd good! Thanks to our shit house system


Yeah, You're right.

And that is the typical of the ill informed comment, that the Turd would make.

That is what you get from socialism. The results of a dumbed down education system to produce a society that cannot think. Much simpler than fighting a war. Turnbull, Gillard and Gonski all on the same page.

Spot on (again), Paul.

Hi Paul. All the best for the coming year. Once again you have nailed it. Your depiction of turnbull is spot on.