The Pickering Post
Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Yep, another good one mate. Highlighting the stupidity of these fuckwits. The sickness is spreading...

Onya, Paul. Reminds me of when I told my neighbour that I was looking after my daughter's Doberman. She told me that I should be calling it a "Doberperson".

Good one Paul, they're completely unbalanced.

Leave those lovely ladies only, scones and jam with cups of tea are a favourite of mine.

Does that mean an end to urinals? Stalls for all? Do gender neutral school uniforms have flies or are the boys meant to sit down to pee? Do the older boys get to wear bras as well?

Bastards. The amount of times I was force fed, cup cakes, cordial, and made to stand in front, and recite some good pomes.
Man from Snowy River., never Shooting Kangaroos at Tumbarumba, singing God save the Queen, never Charlotte the Harlot.
More cakes, young man, Yes Missus, thank you very much!

Imagine the outrage if we had a country men's association.

Nicely lampooned Paul.
The CWA should ditch the branch. It's obvious what they're up to.

You know how Islam is always raving on about covering the planet with Muslims well they got beaten to it by the Scots , everywhere all throughout the world you'll find Scottish influence especially in Police Forces and town and county name like in Victoria where just about every town and mountain range is duplicity of Scotland and the bagpipes are a customary feature of their existence so I reckon the Muslims better watch out if they think they are going to overcome us .

“Inner City” what don’t these GetUp, Green trolls don’t get about the word Country in “Country Woman’s Association”? it’s not the ICWA!