The Pickering Post
Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



DeNatali and his mob should be all tried for treason fo what they are doing to Australia. 100 years ago they would be lynched from the nearest tree for their actions.

Thanks Paul...............Dee Natalie..........Classic Cock Sucking Greenie...............

Satan has a special spot reserved for the likes of slime like Di nutless and his ilk. Ali Ach-bar dicky boy...

Exactly, Paul.

So let's get this straight if the climate heats up it will cause condensation of the air as the seas are evaporated in turn causing very humid conditions which in turn will rain a lot and grow lots of stuff like inside a greenhouse, and that is bad ?? I reckon Kermit and his green cane toads should be sterilised before they cause any more problems .

At least 130,000 years ago most of Australia was covered with rainforest, it was cooler and wet at that time. And then this climate zone changed and eucalypts/gum trees and native grasses and much of what we see today replaced most of the rainforests. From 65,000 years ago (according to excavations in caves in Kakadu NT in recent years) and in NSW Mungo Lake from 40-50,000 years ago the "Aborigine" tribes realised that the vegetation relied on fire to regenerate and they developed ways of seasonal burning when lightning had not caused fires to make it easier to move around and to promote native grass re-growth to attract animals for food supply. Modern "green" extremism has limited the use of fire to make areas safer, but in the WA Kimberly Region and NT Kakadu fire is again being used.

Greens supply the fuel for bush fires. Absolutely Paul. Wonderfully lampooned
They've been hard at it in California too.

My wife has a property on NSW South coast. Because of the green political correctness we aren't allowed a Winter burn. There is now a dangerous build up of weeds and dead undergrowth. When the fires come (as they always have since a while before James Cook) there will be enhanced danger to property and lives, human and wild. This will be blamed on "climate change". We have had enough of the fuckwits.

Just cleaning up his property for the next lot of backpackers that he pays $10.00 cash no tax.

"You capitalise on chaos"

The Communist di Natale knows exactly what he is doing. And his supporters love him for it.

Hang on ! Some mug / mugs , voted the bastard in !!

Got two Richards, couldn’t be so stupid just “playing” with one!