The Pickering Post
Monday, 25th March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Santa ( SATAN ) Claus.

I wonder how many backpackers hope for another Labor government in Australia so that they can receive an economic stimulus gift to spend at home?

The reverse psychology trick of politicians, offer as an election approaches and plot to take it away when election is over.

I have had an absolute gut full, yes a bloody gutful of going to the shopping centre and upon reversing out of a parking spot some brain dead adult chooses to walk behind my vehicle as though it is their right of way ,; Don't these fools realize that they walk into my blind spot where I can't see them ? Seeing they are walking through the car park I would assume they must drive a motor vehicle so they must realize that what they are doing is madness and that the driver would be found negligent in not taking due care and all that stuff ? I reckon we should get Flybuy points for everyone we send flying for their stupidity if we hit them

Yeah, unfortunately it isn’t the average Aussie they will be chasing down the road with tax payers hard earned! It will be the ABC, Single mums with litters to several different fathers. Muslim blow ins. If Labor get in as suggested the Unions!

How very true - we will never get out of the RGR debt - and if Shorten gets in - it will treble

I'm hoping for a Rudd type stimulus bonus. I need a new telly . . .

We are governed by the most deluded, self serving, parasitic, traitorous imbeciles. Most have never held a real job, nor are they capable of such or they'd not be in politics in the first place.

Paul's cartoon and every single post below epitomises the prevailing cynicism directed towards these self-serving political elitists.

It’s a legitimate cynicism considering that they are supposed to be the custodians of our wellbeing and freedom but instead, sought to betray our sovereignty, impaired our prosperity and muzzled our freedom of speech.

Are waking up? Maybe.

My father passed these words of wisdom to me when I was about to vote for the first time in 1960......... Don't vote for politicians ...... it only encourages them!

Beware of politicians bearing gifts.

Nice one Paul. Shouldn't Bull Shitten's bag be bigger??

Now they want a 30% alcohol Tax because it makes people Fat ,maybe they should have a Food Tax because food makes people FAT ,or they could just use a jew bolshevik diet like in Holomodor just starve everyone to death ,that way they wont get fat

It is embarrassing to listen to them squander our Taxes on their frivolous pursuits to get elected while seeing Australians suffer in silence with 3rd world services .

You’ve been very kind to BS. No manboobs?

Good work Paul. Spot on.

Must be an election coming up.

Good one Paul, we're not well served.

They done even look like they will reduce the borrowing (either side) ,what a bloody disaster.