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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



Classic Paul. :-))

The more poor old David Attenborough, loved and respected nature presenter, rabbits on about climate change and global warming the more credibility he loses. How dies one measure how much carbon or CO2 is in the air anyway or do they just pluck a figure out of their arse and put one over us?

The Chameleon Turnbull when in his natural environment is most times of a red hue.

Brilliant display of the Malcontent Termite. What an absolutely awful person. Will the press have the guts to investigate his and his family’s, and their respective superannuation funds’ involvement with “renewable energy”?

Where is our celebrated Ink blot ?

Got it in one Paul. Trouble is that if you turn your back on this monster, it can deliver a nasty bite on the arse. Not sure about the colour - it always seemed red to me.

Paul Zanetti at his best.

Keep them coming - he is a yellow bellied dangerous and poisoness snake too - The Greens - keep up the cartoons with these despicable people and the people in the Senate who vote with the Greens (Phelps, Hinch etc) and start on Shorten and his mad mob too.

Nailed him Paul. :-))

The only positive that I can glean from having a green party in this Country is that they will gradually turn it into a bananna republic where we export nothing of value, make nothing locally and send all the farmers broke. Only then will the Mussos stop coming here because the Government won’t be able to afford to pay welfare and Australia will be another Shithole.

After seeing how the Greens and labor voted in the Senate yesterday to totally screw the offshore detention system by fraud, and knowing that this will now flood our beautiful Country with stinking illegals as soon as labor take over next year ( yes they have won I'm afraid P.P's) I must state that the greens are the most destructive, insanely vindictive, despicable fecking morons that ANY legislative system has ever had. They only have one policy and that seems to be to do anything and everything to sabotage our way of life. They offer nothing of use and to think we pay them for this makes me even madder. I honestly believe they ALL should be charged and convicted of treason and hanged in the city squares. I for one would turn up to watch with a 6 pack, esky and folding chair.

Hahaha, post that to his twitter account and that of his little twerp son.

The best

It must be time for both silly,old farts to retire and just shut up.

Bernard Gaynor is in the shit with Gary Burns who is using the Human Rights mob to do his dirty work , it seems that because Bernard being a Queenslander has no jurisdiction in NSW so I am wondering why not and I thought Human Rights were an Australia wide organisation but what got me warmed up was after Googling Gary Burns and reading his web page it read that many of Burns followers were pleased to read of Larry Pickering's death ,I'm not a follower of Bernard's religious conviction that got him into this mess but I'm dead against those mongrels who think Larry's passing is a big joke so in memory of what Larry did for us all I say to you all , it's game on , let's help Bernard any way we can to put those mongrels back into their box and slam the lid shut .

You hit that onje3 on the bulls eye Paul, beauty!!! Must be missing Kindy (Parliament)

Good one Paul. Got the 2 easily recognisable idiots to a Tee!

What a sad-sack bunch of pathetic, so-called politicians we seem to have at the moment. I wonder if any of them have any comprehension at all as to what the voters expect of them.....surely not the rubbish we've seen coming from them during the last few years. What a bunch of empty headed, no-hopers!

Forked tongue is right .

Aah, a picture tells a thousand words. Great cartoon Paul.