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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at



If we haven't already gone down the socialist drain - will anything be left in 4 years other than half measures of infrastructure, more gang violence, and a huge debt?

I remember Melbourne in the sane as sensible days of the '80's and '90's. It had drastically changed by my month long visit in 2005 and even worse in 2009 when we were there for six weeks. Haven't been back. Don't want to see the Grand old Lady in her dying days.

Who would want to run against boofhead Andrews at the next election? You wouldnt want to win because there will be no way of fixing the monumental crap pile he will be leaving behind.

More Bollards ,more Police [that do nothing or cant ] more useless Politicians ,more corrupt Judges ,more dumb sympathising women in Politics and More Crime !! more Taxes on the people to support the above ,more laws restricting you're freedom

About right Paul, are Victorian voters not wanting to give up their 'pain' yet? I was once told by a counselor that 'until someone is ready to give up their 'pain' [meaning they are holding onto someone or something that is causing them grief] then they won't change.' Sad isn't it and so true as it affects us all when voters only want to 'punish' the Pollies for perceived wrongs but by so doing they really punish themselves.

Good one Paul. Well Victorians have now given him the message to hold State Funerals to appease the electors when killed by the rabble. And just think of raising the criminality from 10 to 16, yay way to go!!

Gold! The stupid blind masses of the Socialist Republic of Victoriastan!

Gold Paul. God help Victoria. When is #metoo Shorten's past going to be questioned...

Oh Dear Paul! So many true words spoken in jest. I for one cannot believe that the Melbourne voters would sanction the violence of the last four years to vote in more of the same.

Reminds of the king in the Wizard of Id addressing the peasants from his balcony"remember the golden rule,he who has the gold makes the rules"MC

Very prophetic I reckon

It's very instructive Paul that you've dressed the crowd as serfs.

Ain't that the truth, I'm dumbfounded at the amount labor won by.

Another four years of lies, deceit, big spending, budget blowouts and crime

That's it Paul......Although he could be showering them in bank notes at the same time.....

'onya Paul.

Thank you Paul for filling the cartoon void. You have drawn Dan the way we see Vic's can now brace ourselves for more crime, higher taxes and waste.

Nobody could argue with that, Paul. Thank you.

Sums the situation up perfectly Paul.

Paul, your cartoon above nails it.