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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I'm surprised at the lack of publicity given to the Jesus and organ donation ads. I saw that bunch of f***wits on the Project discussing and the apologist for all things islam enjoying a joke. What I found more than unusual was that not one of the panel canvassed what might have happened if a similar ad had been made about mohammed. The left bias, and hatred of Christianity, is scandalous.

Apparently she only had 1 beer but she is 100% sure that either Joseph or the Holy Spirit was there.(although she is not sure where "there" is )

Virgin on the ridiculous.

In 1978 a sex tour company unashamedly visited travel agents in Australia with brochures outlining where paedophiles could go throughout the world to get their rocks off .

Yes Larry , you make a good point about feminism and your cartoons can engage people to think laterally. May I say, Jesus , who was God incarnate had a beginning on earth as a male. Mary was given the job of that introduction.There is no faith on the planet that can match the mountains of evidence that exist for Christianity. From the voluminous number of ancient manuscripts, to the very early dating of the documents written during the lifetime of the eyewitnesses (some only 15 years after Christ’s death), to the multiplicity of the accounts (nine authors in 27 books of the New Testament), to the archaeological evidence—none of which has ever contradicted a single claim the New Testament makes—to the fact that the apostles went to their deaths claiming they had seen Jesus in action and that He had come back from the dead, Christianity sets the bar in terms of providing the proof to back up its claims. The New Testament’s historical authenticity—that it conveys a truthful account of the actual events as they occurred—is the only right conclusion to reach once all the evidence has been examined.

When it comes to Jesus, one finds a very curious thing about Him—He claimed to be God in the flesh. Jesus’ own words (e.g., “Before Abraham was born I AM”), His actions (e.g., forgiving sins, accepting worship), His sinless and miraculous life (which He used to prove His truth claims over opposing claims), and His resurrection all support His claims to be God. The New Testament writers affirm this fact over and over again in their writings.

if that was a virgin birth, my wife had 3 of them!!

Much like the Muslim brotherhood .

I want to know why I was not sexually harassed by the sisterhood in the workplace as now understand went on unabashed when I was working. I now ask, Have I got a case for discrimination for not having had the hard-word put on me by the girls.

Apparently there are unfounded rumors of sexual shenanigans between Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hard to believe I know, but you just can't make these things up.

Off to the dentist this morning so thanks for the (despairing) laugh. Age old problem isn't it? We're there when they come out, just not sure if we were there when they went in,

The sisterhood consists of underperformers ready to back any failure that screams sexism .When pressed for details , the accusers are short on evidence to support their smears but that doesn't stop the hairy legged brigade throwing unsubstantiated nonsense for the awaiting media to lap up. The constant barrage from the usual suspects is reminiscent of each time Gillard opened her gob which caused a frantic scurry for the remote's mute button.

We need a yardstick on this one. The average number of years between the dirty deed having been done & the squeal of outrage.
The number of years that pass between the date a #metoo wimmin being fingered, fucked, bullied or otherwise violated by a white heterosexual male & the date she bravely alludes to her ordeal to a breathless Mainstream Meeja Pack.
Looks to me a out 12-20 years.

Anger, wonder, confusion, smugness . . .