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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



anti fishing Greenies nailed him to the stake .....................

Some thing strange about the clips of the fighting in Gaza, Gangs of Palistinians stupidly attacking armed Israeli troops , No blood! Certainly there may have been some people shot and killed, but on the media what i saw was several blokes , who were fully conscious being carried away on stretchers, one obviously playing to the camera! I am sure that if i had been shot at close range by a military weapon and hit in the body or leg as well as bleeding profusely i would be screaming my lungs out! not looking for the camera, The leftist western media are being had (willingly) and so are we,

How about a game of drugged up cheating sport people like the rugby would be like the gladiators tearing each other to pieces and let the cricketers do whatever they like to win seeing they do it anyway but on a milder form .

Easy fixed, make all cricket balls with a roughed up surface .......... then they'll try to polish it smooth. Pricks! Ban all cricket.

We reportedly now have gangs of Burmese youth creating havoc in our streets, home invasion, fighting etc , and the question is again , who let them in? The majority of migrants who are causing trouble were brought in under the various UN sponsored human rights programs, Now we get to sort out the mess , and suffer these anti social and criminal behaviours after they get established in our mostly lower income communities, It is the poorer people in our society who are bearing the brunt of the disastrous open door migrant policy , be it housing , or criminality , or education or the increasingly deep hole of welfare payments , and or social disruption, it is the poorer people who will suffer for the marxist migration policies.under ,we are not allowed to comment on , for fear of racis

Mike prefer to call the GOOD OLD STICK a "POLITICAL WHORE" she gives it away.

My sentiments well and truly.

He's the real cheat, include the political slut (stick insect) as well.

too close for comfort, Larry.

Turnbull must be smiling all over...the media is distracted from him, the "one without sin...". The Indians must be rolling around laughing...cheating and "betting" is ingrained and common knowledge over in the sub-continent. Meanwhile, the virtuous and deeply religious Cricket Australia is doing a Pontious Pilate and letting the rabble have their way. Warner will most likely be rewarded for his efforts and laugh all the way to the bank. Money and ethics simply don't mix, especially in sport...Lance Armstrong, to wit. Where can I vomit...

I predict Warners management are waiting for offers of money from 60 minutes before Warner says anything seeing it may be the last big money he will ever see again .

I predict, that Dave will retire from all forms of cricket in his press conference tomorrow.

Follow the money! Warner drinking champagne after Bancrofts sandpaper efforts! Look at Warners Management and IPL connections!! Indian Bookmakers! Match Fixing!! More money made off the field!! The real story is the money behind the scenes!! Wake up Australia!!

You got a laugh out of me.

As long as the have a CROWN of thorns.The Thorns being as big as the lies/deceit that he and STICK has doled out.TURDBALL and STICK on a cross wouldn't want the martyr effect. Burnt at the STAKE would be more like it.

All of the fish were minding their own business till he came along and sent them to an early execution.

Warner and his lawyer are still working on a "response".

When this bloke was put in a crypt and, supposedly 'rose from the dead',two days later, what did he then do? Did he continue with his 'god-bothering', healing the sick and turning water into wine? I don't remember of any mention of his post-crucifixion career path.

The Captain and Bowler (Who, being a newbie, would be shit scared to refuse the idea from the top 2 boys and never be selected again as being branded as "uncooperative") were, and admitted to being idiots, and showed REAL remorse, the plot instigator gave a few word interview, consisting of "we have to get the kids to bed" - Even the ICC are of the opinion that the penalties are over the top, when prior offences are considered - (remember the guy gnawing on the ball with his canine teeth "only smelling the ball mate" got a one game suspension (correct me if I am wrong and a fine) - Again the Australian tall poppy syndrome of "I'm the boss and we will make you sorry" rears it's head - Another Dawn Fraser event under way where the game and public pay the price of over zealous management!!

Samuel Warren Carey :Geophysicist : Architect of Z Force . Check him out .

Why does Jesus have to be seen a being a white fella seeing he was born with a darker complexion fitting into what everyone looks like the inhabitants of everyone who surround the Mediterranean Sea so in fact he would be seen to be a darkie going on the same formula used by the Australian government to judge aboriginality so the question I put is why are white people praying to a blackfella if white people are seen to be racist towards black people based on the colour of their skin ?