The Pickering Post
Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Wonder if the people will stand up one day.

Larry, you are the Cartoonist. Me, I am an Electrician.

Your cartoon could have had a Very Large Chute, feeding money into shortons pocket, an equally Large Shute feeding money into the Tractor, and a little pipe dribbling on the ground for Australian Peasants.

Now we know why you are the Cartoonist and me well......

Good one, Hey!

thats about it Larry....Turd has obviously done a deal with order to get Turd reelected

Bill Dickhead really believes his own bullshit that pensioners/retirees would vote for him ? thinks all Australians have a little commie in them ? Wrong !! short arse !

The Tractor looks like a Massey. I’d have drawn Bill on some cheap Chinese piece of shit about to lose a wheel.

More like a Bullshit spreader.

You may notice folks, the the 'spreader' is shredding those notes so the actuality is you'll get bugger all in your pocket. Typical ALP sleight-of-hand.

LP you omitted to show the bags of money for Shorts*** and his maaaaates.

Absolutely spot-on Larry.

BigTits might shred it, but Stick Insect gives it away to shithole countries and their corrupt politicians by the billions

I cannot see Turnbull without thinking of "Flash Harry" from the St. Trinians BW days as the same music goes well with his smug slope. Shorten is just a Spock raised idiot.

That's it Larry, man cannot fight the machine.

With the support of the brain dead idiot voting public we should pass South Africa and Zimbawe within the decade. 17 years of a self destructing Labor Government in SA and Labor still owns a vast swath of the voting public .... WTF?

Billy is a giveth with one hand to take it away with another

A very strong reason to keep Turncoat in power !! Bugger !!

Very good Laz. Much of it goes electronically into Liebor/union pockets.

If this dick Shortonbrains becomes Prime Minister you might as well turn off the lights and move to another country. Another cash grab on the cards from Labor. And if it happens just watch them waste it!!! It amazes me, Labor and Liberals will not mention the record debt we have and neither have any plans to reduce it.