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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Shorten is a card carrying pos!!

Barnaby Joyce has been quoted saying the identity of the child's biological father is a "grey area". He says he won't be getting a paternity test but I bet his daughters demand one after Barnaby has shuffled off and his will is up for contesting. Sounds to me like Barnaby has been set up big time, however he must have been in a sexual relationship with her or the area wouldn't be "grey"! Shades of Tony's "son" who wasn't.

Listening to his sanctimonious drawling voice during question time makes me wonder if he uses the same tone of voice when telling his new female staff their "duties." Creepy.

Larry you've drawn Billy-boy with bigger tits than I have a gut that looks pregnant and cough, cough, a tiny prick sticking out of his trousers - one of your best!

I knew Shorten was racist ... not one genuine black face!

The only mystery to me is - who would want to sleep with this prick?

The Obama portrait.

I'm irresistibly drawn back to the lyrics of Peter Skellern's song " Joyce the Librarian" Please look it up; you'll laugh I'm sure.....

To good Laz.Is that Macklin at the head of the queue.?

Ha, ha

too true larry

Big Tick.

Told ya all, if women were cattle and Bill Shorten a Cowboy, young Billy Boy would wear a belt buckle for having ridden the most cattle in Canberra by far. What's got me rooted, he's got the face of a mongrel dog, head like a turnip, a body like a transvestite, has a squeaker voice than that 2 bob each way faggot Colin/Catherine/Clusterfuck McGregor, so what do the sheila's see - either he has a handy drinks tab or a cock as ample as his tits.

It has been requested by the past speaker of New Hampshire that a criminal investigation be held in to the Australian Government on why it would allow it's socialists to become involved with the socialists of the USA during an election which is seen as a criminal offence by the FED who have just fined Bernie .

Bernie Sanders has just been fined for accepting inkind donations from the Australian Labor Party who sent volunteers on a "Government funded educational program" we paid for to assist Bernie into becoming president of the USA . This is worse than what the Russians have been accused of so I am wondering what we donated to Hillary's campaign ?

I guess they are the staff Michaela cash was talking about. LOL! Yu have nailed it again Larry.

I hope the bastard does sweat, big time.