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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Brilliant cartoon Larry

The Australian Cat House, great cartoon Larry thanks.

Where were all these pious, hypocritical,puritan blowhards during the SSM campaign? Maybe Barnaby should hang a Rainbow Flag on his office door - that might shut them up.

I arrived in Canberra in 1971 as an engineer and was welcomed with the news "In Canberra you'll get more fucks than feeds!" Looks as though its true. By the way Larry, to paraphrase an old music hall catch phrase "Where's me Avatar'??

So nothing's changed in Canberra.

Fantastic Larry -- people in glass houses, well, shouldn't. They are all the filth of society

Bill Shorten when on his way-up the greasy pole of internal union and labor party politics certainly wasn't known as "Short Willy". Fellow party and union colleagues will attest to the fact that he was known as "Bill the Rooter" and “Sir Fuckalot” as he didn't miss any filly that passed his way. So after cutting a swathe through the young-labor undergraduate girlies, union and university groupies he than went up-market with Roxon, D’arth and shared Gillard with Emerson and Wilson among many, he then moved on to a high-ranking Liberal party officials daughter who he married and had children. When he arrived in Canberra as the new parliamentary member she and the kids were given the arse when he sprung the GG daughter. Bill was forever the eternal opportunist.

oh it Colonel Mustard in the Bedroom with the French Maid..or Professor Plum in the Kitchen with Miss Scarlet...who knew Parliament House was an oversized brothel.

Me Too.

Once again, you've said it all, Larry. You are unbeatable.

Politicians are such a harsh reality of our peers .

Well after the SSM vote in Parliament we know who not to blame.

Fantastic. Caught the mood.

Attractive looking bunch, well done Larry.

Oh, my....I can't stop lol. That's it but, the whole shooting match are a bunch of dunderheads.

Did these women (?) take seriously something that was poked at them in fun?

The best

Wasn't it Joe Hockey who sort of said that we should all root like rabbits to increase Australia's population for it's looks like this Campion sheila took Hockey at his word and has scored Barnaby in her strategy re populate herself as she would have thought it her civic duty to give birth to a new taxpayer .

It all goes well until a Campion wrestler breaks the 'rules' and spoils the fun.

You are like a good red Larry, just gets better with age. You are perfection personified. Brilliant