The Pickering Post
Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Good one "LP". He won't get because he's a messiah

Funny how he is in budgies!!

Another Holt incident / adventure?

Turd is off with the Pixies as well as the Greens!

spot on Larry..fkn Melvin doesnt know whether his (sorry OUR) $60 million is meant to be saving the starfish of killing the crown of Thorns..

Throw some birley into the water, want to make sure the sharks have a fair go.

Is it ironic or just coincidence that Easter Day falls on April Fools Day?

This time I hope no bastard bothers to resurrect him . . .

Can I do my bit and contribute a gas powered nailgun?

Nice, Larry. With any luck it might happen about Easter time.

Pass me the nails

Methinks that Harold Holt was a victim of a white pointer shark attack. They are common in those waters.

Try Cheviot Beach ... with any luck you'll get to chat with Harold Holt.

That socialist bastard would sell his soul for one vote.

Mark Butler head of the labour party, has said that the changed that the uk labour did to its membership base are a good thing should be adopted here, I point out that in the Uk the change of rules meant that with a couple of quid one could become a voting member of uk labour,What that meant is that many from the far left and other extremists enrolled , swung the leadership ballot and voted for an outright marxist/communist in Jeremy Corbin,Someone who thinks that the socialist dictatorships in South America and else where in the world is the future for Britain and the world! And Mark Butler thinks it is a great idea!

Hail Caesar ; History will repeat itself .

He originates from the correct part of the world for that.

Our major party leaders. They are both a total embarrassment and an overdue wake-up call that our political system as it currently stands,... is ROOTED! Step1. NO political donations. Step 2. reform the judiciary. Our elected leaders are there to protect us and NOT to provide. They are failing miserably on both counts. They are opening our borders to really bad and dangerous people and they are throwing taxpayers money around like confetti. They won't be paying. The next generation (our kids) will be picking up the tab.. F$*#k all of them.

It's about time Turnbull took the hint the nation is giving him and quit. Worst Liberal PM in living memory way back to Menzie's day. Just because he WANTED to be PM does not mean he should even be in parliament. I cringe every time he comes on the TV news. And Shorten is even worse. It is untenable that neither party will put up a decent leader - and decent policies.