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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



interesting larry

The wise men built our democracy upon an earthquake zone that consists of snakes and ladders .

I do not understand why the constitution can not be rewritten to reflect the modern Australia. Not the 1901 version. . If any one is born in Australia or has been naturalized then they are Australian. It should not matter where their parents or grandparents were born.

Uh? the wise men built their house upon the rocks.....and that's were they be....on the rocks, like our government

If we are racist by Slippery Sam's analysis what then does that make his parents that they would ditch their Iranian citizenship to migrate to Australia the land of the infidels to become citizens of Australian ?

Mahaja enterprise going into bankruptcy, surprise surprise,how many times have we seen this , The self styled ego driven so called businessman, alleged to have fiddled the council, etc, well who voted for him , his ethnic maates, Just like the old country and all on borrowed money, sooner or later the bank wants its money , and he may yet get time in jail, plenty of his maates in there i would suggest.You do not get that rich in that short a time without being on a fiddle of some kind,

And where is the Governor General in all this? Is he not paid big bucks, and has at his disposal the best legal minds, to put an end to all this? Why does he not call the PM and the Leader of the Opposition into his office, lay down the law, dissolve Parliament and let everyone check their eligibility. Then we can start with a clean slate. Or is the GG too busy attending cocktail parties around the world?

"There is the preliminary awkwardness that the Constitution itself does not require a member of the Parliament to be an Australian Citizen,[9][10]

Compared to other Anglosphere nations, this is an unusual law. Neither the British Parliament nor the US Congress, both of which served as models for the Australian Parliament, forbid dual citizens from holding office.[15][16] Canada[17] and New Zealand[18] similarly have no prohibitions on MPs holding dual citizenship."

I think someone has made a boo boo , this (44) stuff was written when Australia was joined by skin and blood to the British Empire so they were speaking of anyone there of another country that weren't Anglo Saxon otherwise the mob who wrote 44 would have had to declare themselves foreign enough not to be Australian enough to write the Constitution . If someone understands Hansard could you look at the time (44) was written and see if the meaning of (44) was debated in the then Parliament seeing there was more than one version discussed at the time.

Start again. Get rid of local councils and make the State and Federal Government work for the money they steal from us.

Bill has the upper hand over Turnbull. They need to find a strong leader like Abbott. Not Abbott just someone with his strengths but not his weakness of "foot in mouth" syndrome. I like Abbott but it was hard to justify some of his blunders. They must prorogue parliament and sort out the mess. At the moment the country is in limbo and no one is willing to take lawful action. We have all lost confidence in Federal Parliament.

Clear the Decks and start with a new Slate......

Exactly what the stick insect is thinking