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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I saw this one on the discount stand on the weekend, no takers LOL

Kevin should give up writing books and take up politics again , preferably not with Labor .

When it gets down to less than $1, buy a couple of copies, rip off the covers, dril a hole in one corner, put a string through, and hang it on the wall of the toilet.

The ABC trying to beat up the far right nazi link ,

In Queensland he was know as Doctor Death. Every public servant was regarded as a political appointee of Sir Joh and had to be replaced. He virtually destroyed the QPS.

My view of the world - every page a mirror

I did it my way - by KRudd

How can you tell when you're ceiling's burning - Midnight Foil

So Opra is finally getting married , She has been milking this for twenty years , so who cares ,

Sarah two dads being interveiwed on the gaybc and her comments on the Adani mine and global warming , this woman lives in fantastyland , fair dinkum who votes for these people ?

OT - ‘Red Terror’: Alt-Left Extremists Antifa Attack Identitarian Building

About Ebert Platz in Köln, neither the Muslims nor the black
Immigrants have taken over in Köln, some of these Immigrants
have a meeting place there and someone was attacked .
I was talking to someone who lives nearby and he had a big laugh.
So it is true, one cannot believe anything anymore.

Its been freezing in Perth and we've had a lot of rain, global warming is a scam to get money from the populous so the Elites and can live a better life that you and I.

On warming and weather, there is a very big La Nina pointing at us. No mention in the meeejer yet. Wonder if they'll wake up soon ?

The Milky Bar Kid's ego brings him back regularly to our shores with hope the spotlight will once again shine on his pudgy face. His ego will not allow him to even consider that his presence back here in Australia is absolutely irrelevant and he is better being overseas where they have little knowledge of him or about him. He and Gillard led the worst Governments since the Whitlam debacle Government, all of whom did their very best to send Australia broke and all of which very nearly succeeded. Where are his many supporters now? Most of the dills eventually woke up to themselves, that's where. Stay overseas Kev and keep your dilusional ego with you. Put bluntly, Australia is better off without you.

This is my book: On the Road to Barzakh: Between the Quick and the Dead
á novel by Greg Deane the Road to Barzakh: Between the quick and the dead

The Milkybar Kid rides again.... to oblivion hopefully.

We've had a few bad years of recent.

I'm torn. Have a bit of spare time on my hands and wonder if I should buy this book, Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott's book. Stuff it. I think I will buy Noddy and Big Ears by Enyd Blyton. Better chance of learning something.

Do you think Kevin will have his book translated into foreign languages to have his account of his political mistakes impregnated into the minds of his readers of other countries in another tilt of him becoming Emperor of the UN ?