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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



What's the turtle between Hawke's feet doing? In this regard FR wouldn't do Malcontent any good he's just one of the many SOB's (silly old buggers - not the US version)

Off Topic.
The Daily Telegraph moderators are CULLING lots of my NO arguments. Here is one that got the chop today:-

'Acceptance' is the very thing that the Homosexual Lobby Groups refused to do. They have refused to 'accept' that traditional marriage is between a man and a woman. They have done all they can to 'destroy' traditional marriage.

In the same way that the back-yard school bullies use fear to get what they want from the other students, many of the following groups - the Homosexual Lobby Groups, rich and powerful individuals, politicians, Big Business and the Green/ Left - are using fear to bully people into submission and to pressure them into voting for the destruction of traditional marriage.

The Homosexual Lobby Groups seem to be arguing that the destruction of traditional marriage, which has always been between a man and a woman, will make everything EQUAL?

Apart from the obvious fact that a marriage between two men or two women will never equal marriage between a man and a woman, what has NOT been made clear, is what are the Homosexual Lobby Groups going to give the heterosexuals in return for the destruction of their traditional marriage? Will it be a FAIR deal?

It seems that the only thing they are prepared to give the heterosexuals is a complete dog's body where anyone or any number of same sex or gender changed persons can claim that they are "married" and thereby make traditional marriage for the heterosexuals MEANINGLESS. Also, if the Homosexual Lobby wins, we will lose the right to free speech, the right as parents to protect our children from the LGBTI agenda and their abuse of young children.

That is hardly a fair trade-off. The Homosexual Lobby Groups want to destroy traditional marriage for the heterosexuals and give the heterosexuals a complete dog's body in return.

The Homosexual Lobby Groups could so easily call their quite different unions something else but that would leave traditional marriage intact, and that is most definitely NOT want they want. The deal is grossly UNFAIR and anything but EQUAL for all heterosexuals who want traditional marriage to remain.

Vote NO.

Shorten's willie is hanging out. Want a quickie? want another one?

Readers of the Advertiser today might see the column by Shannon Molloy,a senior writer with that paper,(p, 18) he is of course a yes voter, He laments about the nasty things that have been said about the yes movement, but at the same time uses his status to , in the head piece call no voters ""Unhinged"" and ""Hypocrites,""and he of course misses the point,The inclusion of that so called singer at the NRL was a blatant political move by the yes lobby, and that most no voters do so because they do not wish to see sodomy legalised and put on a level with a ""real "" marriage. plus the other things that will surely follow.

I see that Billy has brought the trousersnake out for a trot. Poor wee thingy!

Bob kept saying 1886.....been around a bit longer than I thought.

Facial recognition works through a Burka? Who knew that? BTW when it comes to a driving licence photo - Burka on or off? Good question from hubby. I recall the case some years back when a burka clad ?woman refused to remove her burka for a traffic policeman ticketing her for a traffic offence. I think she got off somehow - Anyone remember?

Hazel would not be impressed ..

I don't think Bob will be invited to open any more book launches (lol) , $120 million pales in significance to Bob & Pauls recession we had to have that totally destroyed many many Australian lives that many never got over financially ..

Some lefty morons on a Melbourne council supports the suggestion that we should import twenty thousand Rohinga muslims to aus,, Obviously they expect others to pay and provide, I bet these people are aligned to very miner left wing orgs, On a broader front, That is all we need another muslim minority group with ""dodgy"" backgrounds , havent these peole learned anything from the experience of African and Mid,east gangs , doing their thing in the suburbs and shopping malls. The relevant council should stick to local council matters and leave the national issues to the feds.



Facial recognition for all citizens is the thin edge of the wedge.

As Ray Brown & the Whispers sing Fool Fool Fool everybody cried!

I thought we only had tweedle dee and tweedle dum to suffer from but I had forgotten about the old tweedle alco. We produce these fools and then elect them to lead us into oblivion.

Three fools together